Extreme Java Logging

  • A few things to note:
    -logger is already an instance of log4j, which does pretty much everything anyway
    -this code has been copied entirely from another source code file in the same directory
    -I have no idea WTF is going on here.

    public void warn(Object msg, Throwable t) {
    logger.log(FQCN, Level.WARN, msg, t);
    logNestedException(Level.WARN, msg, t);

          void logNestedException(Level level, Object msg, Throwable t) {
            if(t == null)
            try {
              Class tC = t.getClass();
              Method mA[] = tC.getMethods();
              Method nextThrowableMethod = null;
              for(int i=0; i < mA.length ; i++) {
                if(("getCause".equals(mA[i].getName()) && !JDK14)
                   || "getRootCause".equals(mA[i].getName())
                   || "getNextException".equals( mA[i].getName())
                   || "getException".equals( mA[i].getName())) {
                  // check param types
                  Class params[] = mA[i].getParameterTypes();
                  if(params==null || params.length==0) {
                    // just found the getter for the nested throwable
                    break; // no need to search further
              if(nextThrowableMethod != null) {
                // get the nested throwable and log it
                Throwable nextT=(Throwable)nextThrowableMethod.invoke(t, new
                if(nextT != null) {
                  this.logger.log(FQCN, level, "Previous log CONTINUED: ", nextT);
            } catch(Exception e) {
              // do nothing

  • @sinister_prog This code logs the message from a Throwable object (usually probably an Exception), and then uses Java's built-in class meta info accessors to check whether that object is wrapping another Throwable object and logs that one, too.

  • Fake News

    @djls45 Which log4j normally would do as well through the standard getCause method (added in Java 1.4), so it looks like this code actually is built to detect exception chaining from before Java 1.4.

    If it is that old then I wish the OP all the best of luck...

  • @sinister_prog said in Extreme Java Logging:


    Let's use reflection and iterate over all the methods of the throwable regardless of whether this is true or false in the first place!

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