Found Examples of Word Salad

  • Post any examples of word soup salad that you find. They can come from any source: online articles, books, research papers, etc. They can be on any topic. Please include a representative quote with your submission.

    • Bonus points if an expert in the field would actually be able to understand what is said, instead of it just being nonsense (if you can tell).
    • Bonus points if the author attempts to address non-experts.
    • Bonus points if a "translation" is referenced or included.
    • Bonus points for hidden snark.
    • Extra bonus points for unintentional word soup salad.

    I've included just a sample from this article, but click through to see all of the great jargon that splatters all over the page.

    We knew we wanted the AI to be able to select champs, make strategic decisions during games, and have a unique learning pool for every champion. ...
    But how exactly is it all done? I’m no expert, but the basic concept is rooted in a supervised learning process which accepts input sequences consisting of real (but Fourier reverse-transformed) block-chains generated through synthetic non-guttering. The demodularization of outlying Craighton values from left-side variance stabilization yielded significant gains in both qualified and non-qualified planar transepts.

  • area_pol

    @djls45 said in Found Examples of Word Soup:

    word soup

    Never heard that notion, the closest I can find is word salad...

    The text from LOL you are quoting is nonsense, clearly designed to use all the jargon for comedic purpose. So I am afraid you get 0 bonus points :(

    Submission: You have probably seen this, but I always laugh when reading it again - from the venerable archives of TDWTF:

    The pig go. Go is to the fountain. The pig put foot. Grunt. Foot in what? ketchup. The dove fly. Fly is in sky. The dove drop something. The something on the pig. The pig disgusting. The pig rattle. Rattle with dove. The dove angry. The pig leave. The dove produce. Produce is chicken wing. With wing bark. No Quack.

  • @Adynathos said in Found Examples of Word Soup:

    @djls45 said in Found Examples of Word Soup:

    word soup

    Never heard that notions, the closest I can find is word salad...

    Ah. Thank you. I think I mixed up the terms "word salad" and "alphabet soup".

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    Timecube? Temple os site?

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    @djls45 is this your website mate?

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