Multiple emojis in title breaks <abbr> tag

  • emoji test <abbr title=";-)">emoji test</abbr>
    space after emoji <abbr title=";-) ">space after emoji</abbr>
    space before emoji <abbr title=" ;-)">space before emoji</abbr>

    2 emoji test <abbr title=";-) ;-)">emoji test</abbr>
    ">space after 2nd emoji <abbr title=";-) ;-) ">space after 2nd emoji</abbr>
    :wink[;-)]:">space before 1st emoji <abbr title=" ;-) ;-)">space before 1st emoji</abbr>

  • Even more fun:
    The bad formatting is even worse when the page is initially opened or hard refreshed. Soft refreshing the page by clicking the timestamp link on the post readjusts how the broken tags look.



  • Goddamn regex html parsers

  • sockdevs

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