VS2015 generate method stub shortcut not working

  • I've recently installed visual studio 2015. Most things are fine. The usual shortcut for generating an empty method from a name (ctrl+k, ctrl+m) is not working. I get "key combination is bound to command (generate method) which is not currently available..." which doesn't make any sense. I can use the light bulb pop up menu to create the stub, no issues there. I want the keyboard shortcut to work though.

    does anyone know:
    why this isn't working
    how to make it work
    the actual command the shortcut should be tied to

    this is in c#. VS is on update 3. i'v tried resetting the keyboard shortcuts with no success.

  • It seems VS2015 removed the Edit.GenerateMethod command.

    {Insert Micro-$oft joke here}

  • Same happens in VS2017 in case you were wondering.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @fwd There are keybindings for those!?

  • well goddammit. why would you remove that? that was like top 5 most used shortcut for me. thanks for finding that @NedFodder, I don't know how I couldn't locate myself searching on those terms.

  • @fwd Weird, there isn't even a default method snippet. I suppose you could add one... I mostly just ctrl+., enter and extract methods, and type the rest myself.

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