Per application registry values

  • I have two applications which both look for the same key in registry, and it needs to be set to specific value for the application to work. And the value needs to be different for those applications. Is there some clever hack I can use to make one of those applications see a different value than it really is?

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    I know for environment variables you can do a batch script or PowerShell script wrapper to set the necessary variable before launching the program, and that would create a "temporary" variable for just that session of the application.

    You could sort of do the same thing with a PS script to change the registry value right before launching the application, but if the apps won't react well to the registry entry changing out from underneath them while it's open, then that would make it so you couldn't run both applications at the same time.

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    @Gąska If both applications can run as different users, you might be able to exploit registry virtualisation to allow both apps to see the right value at the same time. It's pretty limited in scope though, so it may not be suitable for your situation.

  • Just running one of them in a VM would be the simplest solution...

  • @anotherusername said in Per application registry values:

    Just running one of them in a VM would be the simplest solution...

    Or run it under *ahem* another username if the registry key is in HKCU.

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