He got his stupid all over me

  • Just had a conversation with one of my wives cousins.. where he felt the need to share with me (after finding out that i have ran a windows free household for about 3 years now) that he had the passwords for all the linux systems that are "out" now...

    WTF?? (completely blew me away)

    my response. "oh really uhmm that is cool"... I went home immediately and took a shower so hot as to remove my outer layer of skin, just in case that brand of stupid is contagious.... 

  • But did you change your passwordz?

  • The proper response would have gone something like:

    "Yeah, I know about that vulnerability, that's why I'm working with the NSA to develop an even more secure version. Don't tell anyone though, I think the Mossad wants to steal it and that would compromise our national security. The CIA is going to run this new version you know."

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