:older_man: Old video game I vaguely remember?

  • I remember a game I played in the 90's, but I can't find the name of it. I only remember vague elements about it:

    • It was a kind of platform game, which was more of the puzzle-solving variety than action and shooting.
    • It was set in a primitive setting, either some kind of prehistory or maybe some kind of generic "native" society (i.e. people were wearing only a kind of loincloth, technology was nothing more than pointed sticks, maybe bows?).
    • You were playing several more or less identical people that you had to get to work together to get across the level, so for example move one below a platform so that another one can climb on his shoulders to reach the platform and so on.
    • Overall, it was very similar to Lost Vikings but it was a different game (for one thing, there were not clearly defined characters with different powers, all people were more or less the same -- plus I played Lost Viking a couple of years later and remember it very well as a different game).
    • I am confident it was on a computer, not a console. I would tend to say a PC, however at that time it might as well have been an Atari, Amiga, Amstrad or other tons of various home computers (well, not an Amstrad actually because we had one at home and I would have remembered if it was the same computer).
    • I played it in Germany -- this may be relevant as at the time the games market was not as homogeneous as it is now, so it may never have existed outside of Germany... I don't remember any text of the game, so I don't know if it was a German game or not.

    Any idea what that game might have been?

    20 years later, nostalgia is making me want to know more about that game and if I could find an emulator to play it again...

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    Sounds a bit like Lemmings? (Doesn't fit your description 100%, though.)

  • @asdf That's not it, but there were some similarities, yes. I guess between Lost Viking and the game I am thinking about, there were clearly several games around the same idea...

    In the game I remember, there were only a few people (at first only 1-2, maybe 5-10 max towards latter levels?), which is more similar to Lost Vikings than Lemmings, and also the people did not move by themselves (not like Lemmings where the first thing is usually to make sure they don't all fall to their death!).

    Also, the actions you could perform were linked to objects that the people had (such as, only the one who had the pointy stick could block the wild animal), not to a global limited stock of such actions, I think, but I am not very clear on that (I may misremember...).

  • Sounds like The Humans, which I remember playing on the Amiga. Can't remember if it was any good, though.

  • @coldandtired That looks very much like it, yes!

    The screenshots are much more colored than in my memories (I remember a mostly dark an black background, but graphics standards have changed so much since then that I don't trust whatever I can remember), but I almost perfectly recognize the stack of people when trying to reach a high ledge, as well as some of the other graphics (the "your tribe has X people" rings a bell...).

    Now just to see if I can find an emulator and I'll be able to tell you if it sucks or not 🙂

    Edit: apparently there was a DOS port as well, maybe I could find that rather than an Amiga one. Since I don't remember the computer I was playing it on, it might as well have been the version I actually played...

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