What about CISCO... don't you think in some ways it's exactly as Oracle?

  • Talking about poorly designed systems - don't you see the similarity here - CISCO has training courses which here they do in the "CISCO ACADEMY"!? Isn't it nice to train people to administer routers? I know there's lot to learn about network administration, but why should it all be related to cisco? Cisco's routers are just part of the system and there are lots of standarts about networking which aren't specific to cisco and after all the entire internet isn't based only on CISCO's. Same as Oracle's DBA courses, isn't it? Both Cisco and Oracle keep amazing me how they solve their poorly designed administration and actually make money out of it and claiming that they are actually the best, people who can actually deal with this crap should get high wages.

  • Having obtained my CCNA through a CISCO Academy course, I can justifiably (sp?) defend this program. The Academy doesn't teach you very much CISCO specific information; just the syntax of the configuration files and command line for their routers. Now, you may say, "teach all routers", but that would be absolutely ridiculous. I've worked with many routers and I find CISCO to be near the best (not necessarily the best, but working on it). The courses focus on protocols and the ideas of networking pretty intently. I'd retake it again if I didn't already know the course. It was full of useful information.

    I'd suggest you go take a CISCO Academy course. They're better than you think. Granted that you can learn other ways, but this course is top notch. [Y]

  • @Jacob K said:

    I'd suggest you go take a CISCO Academy course.

    That wasn't supposed to be rude, by the way. Just a suggestion.

  • @Jacob_K said:

    That wasn't supposed to be rude, by the way. Just a suggestion.

    Yes! ^_^

    I am TRWTF. I tried the close the tab in the screen grab.

  • Legend says if you click it with the force of a thousand suns it disables the necro toast globally, on all Discourse installs.

  • I am pretty sure that the energy of a thousand suns would vaporize the planet, sucessfully destroying any evidence discourse toasters ever existed.

  • Discourse will live on! Viva la Discourse!

  • If you people leave these topics alone a few days, someone gets a 4000 day necro.

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