Trojan Warning

  • I posted in the comments of, but as comment #109 on last week's old article, I know my role.  What's the proper channel for reporting a viral link in article comments?  I've passed through the first 5 stages of grief and into stage 6, "warning people about the electrified water fountain".  Technically, the trojan was buried in a comment in the linked-to article from 2004, but I was very bored and very curious.

    Durn me if there wasn't a tempting Marketing-bashing link that lead to a trojan at Ebaumsworld.  Who can resist lynching the Marketing guys?  Rightfully so, because we do meathead things like this.  Anyhow, I can't find anything in the site info that provides contact info for a moderator or admin who can remove the thing.

     Suggestions?  (keep the words short, beyond 5 letters I'll need a dictionary)

  • I saw the advertisement last week, but I'll be darned if I understand what happened or what you're looking for in terms of help.  Could you start again from the beginning?

  • In the article, there was a link to an old WTF.  In the comments section of that page, maybe 10-20 comments down, there's a hyperlink with the words "Marketingese". is the comments page, the name given is "Jeremy Morton", and apparently the filename is "retro.wmv".  Corporate AV caught the thing, fortunately.

  • I never had to report anything, but I would probably try sending a PM to [url=]Alex_Papadimoulis[/url].

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