Mafia Role History

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    I thought it would be interesting for players to post their history here. So you can for example see who is more likely to be Mafia in future games (because that's how statistics work!). Mine is pretty boring though:

    Mafia 1Vanilla Townie
    Mafia 4Vanilla Townie
    Mafia 5Arsonist
    Mafia 6Vanilla Townie
    Mafia 7Vanilla Townie
    Mafia 9Vanilla Townie
    Mafia 10Visitor Townie
    Mafia 13Vanilla Townie

    I excluded @Weng games for obvious reasons.

    The one conclusion that I came up with is that nobody knows what my scum tell is (including me)!

  • GM Game Faction Role
    r10pez10 XI Resistance Spy Spy
    Vault_Dweller XII Limbo Town Tracker
    Maciejasjmj XIII Shipwrecked Mafia Roleblocker
    dangeRuss XIV Run Townie Run TBD TBD

    Not much I can say about it.

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