Where do you order your laptop chargers from?

  • In the long long ago, in the far away time, I once tried to order a brand new, "genuine" adapter directly from Dell for a (then) modern, in production laptop. The cost would have been well over $150USD. I never tried to order direct from the manufacture again.

    Since then, I've been getting my chargers from eBay. Which means I'm getting knock-off hacked together chargers made in China using barely legal parts. I'm almost certain any "electronics certifications" on the charger are cargo-cult photocopies. They'll quickly burn out, short out, or become unsafe due to stripped wires.

    More often than not they run hot enough that I can't touch them. That-- that doesn't seem safe.

    But the thing is-- I don't know anywhere else to get them. At the very least, any place I do find is just another storefront for the same China-made fire hazards.

    Is there any place to order reliable laptop chargers from, that have SOME semblance of quality or knowledge of fire-codes behind them?

    (If it matters, it's for two different models of Asus that-- of course-- use two different chargers)

  • @Lorne-Kates I think you may try second-hand notebook stores. Some of them also sell parts of notebooks because the notebook they bought sometimes don't have all the parts included (usually power cords and batteries need to be added/replaced before reselling). The store that I know of have direct access to factories creating Lenovo parts so he can order new parts for us as long as there exist products that need the part still selling.

  • @Lorne-Kates Try newegg. That way, when your house burns down at least you've got somebody on the same continent to yell at.

  • SockDev

    @Lorne-Kates said in Where do you order your laptop chargers from?:

    In the long long ago, in the far away time, I once tried to order a brand new, "genuine" adapter directly from Dell for a (then) modern, in production laptop.

    well, a genuine replacement charger is preferable, it's from the manufacturer of the laptop after all.

    if you need an aftermarket charger, or refuse to pay the reasonable prices first parties charge for their chargers..... they do make universal chargers and there are actually a few reputable brands that make them too.

    for example:


    it's not going to be as good as a first party charger, and it's not guaranteed to have the right tip for your laptop, but if it does have the right tip it'll work just fine

    though, the universal ones are usually more expensive than the first party chargers when you shop right.

    you may need to do some research to get the right tips as only HP and Lenovo have anything like a "standard" charger for their non ultrabook laptops.

    but yeah. you can get your first party charegers for fucking cheap on amazon if you look. 🙂

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