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  • Original title: "User Interface Issue? Search Engine?"  -- I'm posting this anyway, cause if I didn't see it right away, I couldn't seem to get a decent search on the terms I tried it in spite of my occasional bouts of google-fu, and it might help someone during the site redesign.


    Here goes:

    I'm having trouble finding the archives for the "bunker buster" post or even a great deal of anything beyond

    The web archive doesn't seem to have anything past 2006 so I'm having trouble..

    Rest of post scratched. Do this: 

     When you go to

    Look to the left of the  centered bolded main date (In this case "March 2007") for the previous month.

    Alternately, you can use URL manipulation for this purpose.

    Let's take the following URL from the previous month at my current date of march 2007

    I haven't tested it very far, but maybe the format will work for someone else.


    outta here. have to wake up in two hours.



  • and ack. the carriage returns hurt. I guess I'll just have to get used to those if I post further.

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