`RangeError: invalid language tag: en@pirate` breaking pages

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Seems that this is causing parts of pages to stop working

    • Clicking links to posts (notifications e.g., but see below) take you to the right thread, but not the right post
    • Clicking the notifications icon only shows the spinner and never actually loads anything
    • Clicking anything that tends to refresh the page (New, Unread, Categories, See All Notifications) brings up a page with just the top banner, the page is blank until force-refreshed.

    0_1479283303883_Screenshot from 2016-11-16 07-58-09.png

    Changing language back to en_US appears to fix the problem.

  • Code reviews that go on forever and have no comments are a :barrier: to updating.

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