• WTF?

     ticketmaster CAPTCHA

  • HOLY SH.........

    Where's the "gimme another one" link?

  • I believe it reads, "Here, take my wallet, I didn't really need it..."


  • Be thankful that at least they were considerate and gave you a Latin captha, Imagen if they used Kanji shudder

  • They obviously tested it by making sure that no computer could possibly read it. Having passed that test, this was allowed.

  • There was one below. Didn't include in the image. But I swear, the next one they gave me read RCCX WTF

  • Not sure, but I think robots would find it easier to read.

  • I figured out what that is reminding me of. It looks like sand art (of the bottle kind) that someone poked a stick through in the middle.

  • I'm going to print that out and pin it on my shirt. No one will be allowed to talk to me unless they successfully supply the captcha. Now, I just need to figure out what it says so that I know if they're right or not...

     On the other hand, if they do successfully read the captcha, that might make me suspicious that they are, in fact, robots.

  • @AisA said:


     ticketmaster CAPTCHA

     My best guess would be: DVIWWW.

  • Well at least it probably succeeds in the stated intent of "helping prevent the unfair use of automated programs". Likewise burning down your house is a good way of preventing anyone breaking into it.


    My best guess would be DDUTWW 

  • I don't know about that second "D", but it's probably six characters, and the last three are almost certainly "UWW".

  • Here's my attempt at decoding it:


    Looks like DDMUWW. Although the final W seems to be missing it's fourth stroke (compare to the U where even though its 'up' stroke is partially obscured by the black lines, the area around the line is still darker than the general background).

  • the real WTF is that you are supporting those money-grubbing anus eaters and not going straight to the outlet to buy the tickets and save yourself significant cash.  LAZY PROGRAMMERS!!!!



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