[Shipwreck Mafia] Terrorists thread

  • This is the official thread for the Terrorist faction. You're free to discuss the game privately in this thread during the night.

    So far, the cruise hasn't been going too well for you. The plan was simple, but as it turns out, getting rid of the only person who can handle the ship in stormy weather was not the smartest move. Out of all the terrorists on board, only you two remained alive - rescued from the wreckage by the very passengers you tried to throw overboard.

    Among the chaos, you've managed to rescue the documents and a satellite phone. Before you can call your newfound employees to extract you from this island, however, you need to get rid of the witnesses - after all, those documents are secret for a reason.

    To avoid unnecessary quarrels, you have agreed to make dljs45 your temporary leader. To execute your nightly factional kill, dljs45 has to declare the target and the player executing the action in this thread.

    The player performing the kill will not be able to use their night action.

  • @dangeRuss @djls45 you're up.

  • Ok, @dangeRuss. First things first: I'm a roleblocker. Do you have a power role, or are you just a vanilla mook? With me being a roleblocker, I suspect there probably at least one of cop/doctor/tracker/watcher among the passengers. If you have a power role, too, then there're probably at least two of them, and likely all three.

    I think with Yami's town flip, her analysis will likely carry some weight, which means abarker and pydsigner would probably be the most suspect. Vault_Dweller has whispered a lot, which may get him lynched if he keeps it up.

    Personally, I think that abarker (with his traditional upcoming long and detailed post analyses) or CreatedToDislikeThis may eventually pose the greatest threat to us, just based on their posts. I'm leaning towrads trying to take out CreatedToDislikeThis. After them, I'd be concerned about heterodox and accalia.
    Toss in some power roles, and that could all change, though.

    What are your thoughts and recommendations?

  • I'm a tracker. Not sure how useful this is for scum, but I guess I can track who visited who and claim they were scum?

  • Also @CreatedToDislikeThis whispered to me since the night ended.

    CreatedToDislikeThis said: welp. I'm disappointed but not surprised. What's your take on the situation?

    Wonder if he's suspecting me and trying to get more evidence?

    I don't see my role being too useful right now so i should probably be the one performing the NK. We can also opt not to perform one, and it worked great the last game, but I think after that it's unlikely to confuse anyone and is likely to put us at a disadvantage.

    Not using the NK and just using our regular powers does give us plausible deniability though and possibly lets us learn something about the power roles?

    I'm OK with taking out @CreatedToDislikeThis, as I don't like him sniffing around. He's also probably unlikely to be watched by whatever power roles they have. (I was going to write that we should go after @pydsigner, but since he never made it to vote, he may have some people checking up on him).

  • Ooh, tracking might be really good for us. I can see some use for misdirection, especially if we use our abilities on each other sometime(s).

    I have no ideas who I should try to block, and tracking might be more useful for us to try to find a power role. If you have no objections or alternate proposals, I'll try to kill CreatedToDislikeThis, and you can track someone else.

    For tomorrow, you could express your suspicion of accalia's weak argument that led to Yamikuronue's demise. (She obviously didn't want to out the doctor or cop right off the bat. That would tell the scum who to focus on.) We'll see if we can get a wagon going on her. You should even be able to start it (if you want) with decreased suspicion on you, since you were the target of Yamikuronue's whisper.

  • @djls45 I'm not sure who to track. Any ideas? Maybe @abarker or @pydsigner? @pydsigner being not very active during the day and not being scum, perhaps he has a strong power role and he was waiting till night to use it.

  • @dangeRuss Following pydsigner sounds fine to me.
    I think heterodox might have a power role, based on his expressed willingness to trust groups, but with no one reporting anything yet, it's impossible to say.

    @Maciejasjmj I will attempt to kill CreatedToDislikeThis tonight. @dangeRuss can confirm his own target to track.

  • @Maciejasjmj I will follow @pydsigner

  • Just received these a little bit ago:

    CreatedToDislikeThis said: ding ding ding! This is the official 'created' night whisper report. If created is killed this night (and assuming you're not the one who killed him), this report may (or may not) provide useful information and should be shared with the group. This night, created has initiated whispers with the 4 others who voted for Yami (asking of them their thoughts). Out of those, he proceeded to prod abarker & heterodox a bit - asking abarker why he's behaving differently this night and heterodox - why he's interested in abarker.

    CreatedToDislikeThis said: Oh and just to clarify - if I survive the night, it would be preferable not to share this message with the group so that this strategy could be effective in future nights as well.

    So it seems that Created might be suspicious of abarker and heterodox. Interesting.

  • No idea what he's saying. He contacted everyone who voted for @Yamikuronue asking for their thoughts. Then he contacted everyone who didn't vote for @Yamikuronue to say that he contacted the others? Not sure what his strategy is.

  • Whisper might be a good way for town to share results before dawn assuming they get their results before they get killed.

  • @dangeRuss said in [Shipwreck Mafia] Terrorists thread:

    Whisper might be a good way for town to share results before dawn assuming they get their results before they get killed.

    Your friendly neighbourhood rule reminder:

    @Maciejasjmj said in [Shipwreck Mafia] Game thread:

    Do not post during the time between receiving your nighttime result and the day starting. This rule applies to all threads and whispers, not just the main thread.

    And yes, that applies to you two as well.

  • @dangeRuss What Maciej said. Besides that, the investigator would have to risk either exposing their own role to scum or risk inaccurate reporting of their results by whomever they trust with the info.

  • @djls45 said in [Shipwreck Mafia] Terrorists thread:

    @dangeRuss What Maciej said. Besides that, the investigator would have to risk either exposing their own role to scum or risk inaccurate reporting of their results by whomever they trust with the info.

    Well if they have a solid lead, giving it out in the night to everyone is better if you expect to get NK, but against the rules as Macie said. Not that everyone will follow the rules...

  • Confirmed - djls45 kills CreatedToDislikeThis, dangeRuss follows pydsigner.

  • @dangeRuss said in [Shipwreck Mafia] Terrorists thread:

    Not that everyone will follow the rules...

    And we are the bad guys here... undefined

  • @dangeRuss @djls45 The thread is now open.

  • @dangeRuss Where did pydsigner go last night? I'm thinking there might still be a PGO to watch out for. I could roleblock while you do the NK.

  • @pydsigner visited @accalia last night. I was sure she was the PGO (and maybe she was?), but likely he got killed by a vigilante/psychopath last night.

  • @djls45 question is who do we take out tonight. They're starting to suspect both of us.

    We've got heterodox, abarker and Vault_dweller left.

    Vault_Dweller has been the quietest, so I suspect he is the psychopath/vigilante.

    What do you want to do tonight? Do you want to rb him and I'll kill abarker?

  • @dangeRuss Yeah, my little, uh... tiff... with abarker was not probably not good for that. But then again, it could potentially be painted as undefined for being too obvious a scum move. I'm not sure I'll live through tonight, though, unless we guess right and I block the serial killer/vigilante.

    We're at 3-2 now, assuming the SK is town-aligned; and 2-2-1 if not. Our possibilities here:

    1. I block the SK/vig, you kill town. We're at 2-2 or 1-2-1.
    2. I block wrong, you kill town, SK kills one of us. We're at 2-1 or 1-1-1.
    3. I block wrong, you kill town, SK kills town. We're at 1-2 or 0-2-1.
    4. I block wrong, you kill SK, SK kills one of us. We're at 2-1 or 2-1-0.
    5. I block wrong, you kill SK, SK kills town. We're at 1-2 or 1-2-0.

    In #1, if we can lynch town or SK, we win.
    In #2 and #4, we'll have to lynch the SK tomorrow or else we end in a draw.
    In #3 and #5, we win.

    heterodox seems pretty suspicious of me and somewhat of you. abarker will be absolutely convinced that I'm scum, but I'm not sure his views on you. Vault_Dweller is an unknown, but is possibly lynch-able. I think your suggestion is best.

    @Maciejasjmj I will attempt to roleblock Vault_Dweller, and dangeRuss will attempt to kill abarker.

  • Confirmed.

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