Enough privileges to compose a reply, but not to submit it.

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    I have no idea how I produced this, but I somehow managed to be in a state of having active quote and reply buttons and a working compose panel, while not actually being logged in (in this tab).

    And no, I didn't logout in another tab. That would explain it.

    On the contrary, I logged in in another tab.

  • Incidently, I hate saying "logged in". But "loginned" is worse.

  • Impossible Mission Players - A

    Permissions aren't refreshed for the.... Yeah, no real idea. Want an imaginary one instead?

  • I'd guess that the authentication stuff only runs once per websocket and because page loads aren't through a websocket, the button showed up even though you were connected as a guest.

  • Boom.

  • Failure to properly check your privilege? See, that never happens on Tumblr.

  • @ben_lubar

    I have decided a like is not enough, so here's a proper thanks:

    Thank you.

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