Self-Serve Flavor: Calling writers!

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    Got an idea for a flavor but not a good idea for a setup? Contribute to AutoGM!

    I will need the following strings:

    • Name of the Scum role (vanilla only)
    • Name of the Town role (vanilla only)
    • Opening Scene
    • Scene when a lynch happens (use {{victim}} as a placeholder for the name of the lynchee)
    • Scene when a night kill is discovered (use {{victim}} as a placeholder for the name of the deceased)
    • Scene when Scum wins
    • Scene when Town wins

    Don't worry about explaining game mechanics, just the flavor portion. Example strings from Vanilla flavor:

            "scum": "Mafia Goon",
            "town": "Vanilla Townie",
            "openingScene": "Your little town has been under seige by the villanous forces of the Mafia since time immemorial. Now, at last, you are taking a stand. The citizens of the town have banded together to form a tribunal: they will execute people one by one until the dastardly killings stop. Can you save your town before the mafia take over completely?",
            "lynch": "As {{victim}} is marched up the stand, they face the crowd. A serene sort of acceptance washes over their face; whatever their deeds, it's all over now. And ten minutes later, only a corpse remains, dangling from the lynching rope in full view of the public.",
            "kill": "As you gather in the square for today's tribunal, you notice that {{victim}} is missing. A quick search reveals the truth: {{victim}} has been slain in their bed overnight, a bullet left right between the eyes. The gory scene can only mean one thing: the mob has killed again.",
            "scumWin": "The remaining mafia members reveal themselves, openly taking over the town. It becomes a place of lawlessness, run by the big don, where normal people fail to tread.",
            "townWin": "As the last Mafia member dangles from the rope, a sense of profound relief washes over the remaining townsfolk. It will be alright now. Everything is fine once again. All you have to do is wash the last of the blood off your hands..."

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    What, nothing? Not even @weng or @maciejasjmj or @accalia?

  • SockDev

    @Yamikuronue said in Self-Serve Flavor: Calling writers!:

    What, nothing? Not even @weng or @maciejasjmj or @accalia?


  • @Yamikuronue my writing deadlines are making the whooshing sound already, but I'll look into it when I have a little bit more time.

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    Cool. I've written four of the damn things myself so far 🙂

  • @Yamikuronue I've copied and pasted the placeholders into a text editor, started writing DF/GW2/HL2 themed values in the first two fields, and then remembered that I have no imagination and closed the text editor about 5 times now.

  • Ooh. I didn't see this before. contemplates writing something super-cyberpunky

  • mod

    I can't resist doing an alignment swap:

        "scum": "Undercover Agent",
        "town": "Mafia Goon",
        "openingScene": "Your unstoppable mafia has been infiltrated by a damned government task force. Those bastards think they can take your empire down. It's time to show them that they picked the wrong family to mess with. Unfortunately, you know what they say: There's no honor among thieves. So, not knowing who to trust, and with the boss in hiding, you decide to meet in the boss's mansion and put it to a vote. Each day, someone's going to face the justice of the family. Can you take out all the feds before they take the family down?",
        "lynch": "{{victim}} is shoved up against the wall. They turn to face the family, a sneer on their face. Their mouth opens, apparently ready to deliver one last speech of defiance, but they are interrupted as the rest of the family unloads into their body, leaving nothing but a bloody, ruined mess.",
        "kill": "As you gather in the main room for today's discussions, you notice that {{victim}} is missing. A quick search reveals {{victim}}'s room has been tossed, but no sign of them. The Feds must have snuck them out in the night.",
        "scumWin": "The remaining Feds reveal themselves, and a S.W.A.T. team storms in, quickly subduing the last of the family members. The greatest crime family in years has been destroyed. Now, to go home and get some much needed rest, after raising a glass to your fallen comrades, of course.",
        "townWin": "As the last Fed lies bleeding at the base of the wall, a sense of satisfaction washes over the room. No one will bother the family for a long time after this. The only question now is what to do with all these bodies? Maybe a new guest house in the backyard?"

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    @abarker Added, thanks!

  • kills Dumbledore

    Thought I'd do an IT based one.

    Name of the Scum role (vanilla only)
    Malicious program

    Name of the Town role (vanilla only)
    Anti virus

    Opening Scene
    Your computer was once a safe place. Owned by a paranoid programmer, with adblock, noscript and very conservative browsing habits, your job protecting the computer was an easy one of scanning the occasional download Now, though, your haven has been handed down to his teenage son after an upgrade You have been subjected to porn sites, warez, torrents and phishing sites It's time to begin the fight back and eliminate the male are that has infiltrated your ranks

    Scene when a lynch happens (use {{victim}} as a placeholder for the name of the lynchee)
    The quarantine procedure begins {{victim}} is moved byte by byte into the bit bucket never to be seen again Every file association, registry entry and shortcut is soon obliterated and {{victim}} is no more

    Scene when a night kill is discovered (use {{victim}} as a placeholder for the name of the deceased)
    As you wake from sleep you notice a missing entry on the start menu After checking add/remove programs you discover that {{victim}} has been purged from the file sustem

    Scene when Scum wins
    Your defense was valiant but ultimately in vain The malware has taken over your environment and the remaining clean programs feel their private data being sent to any Russian hacker and Nigerian prince that wants them The victory for the malware is short lived however, as the next day the increase in bandwidth is noticed and you are all formatted to be replaced with a locked down Linux distribution

    Scene when Town wins
    The latest full scan comes back clean No rootkits, viruses, Trojans or spyware You have succeeded in clearing the computer of all known threats Congratulations

  • @Yamikuronue

    Forum Mafia!
    (Disclaimer - not a writer.)

            "scum": "Troll",
            "town": "Forum Regular",
            "openingScene": "You like to frequent a forum - a corner of the internet where you and like-minded individuals often discuss, share and argue about this and that. Lately, however, the atmosphere in the forum began to change: discussions were becoming heated and arguments - questionable. Just yesterday, the forum's most beloved member has had enough and rage-quit after a particularly vile flamewar! Realizing this is the work of some clever trolls, you'll need to figure out who they are and petition the mods to ban them before the community is lost for good.",
            "lynch": "Much as they try, the mods can no longer ignore the votes cast against {{victim}}. A junior mod decides to carefully go over {{victim}}'s posts to seek evidence of trolling, while a more senior mod just bans the user permanently."
            "kill": "You check for new posts in a thread you're interested in. You quickly find that the level-headed discussion that took place here yesterday devolved into petty name-calling between {{victim}} and several other members. Near the end of the thread, however, {{victim}} made the mistake of tossing a profanity against the entire forum - a passing-by mod took it as a personal attack and banned him permanently."
            "scumWin": "What was once clever manipulation tactics gradually descends into puerile nonsense but even though the identity of the remaining trolls becomes obvious - it's far too late: all the remaining regulars and mods have already left in disgust. In the end, the admin bans the trolls, but the trolls have already won - only the admin remains in the forum",
            "townWin": "With the trolls gone, you go back to having more productive discussions. With time, you invite back those who quit due to the trolling and even manage to convince the mods to unban those who fell victim to it! The trolls leave, knowing not to bother your community ever again.",

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    Still (and always) accepting suggestions, but I stopped by because I realize I didn't mention I'd integrated the previous two suggestions. Thanks!

  • kills Dumbledore

    @Yamikuronue Just spotted an autocorrect error in my one (yes I did it on a phone)

    It's time to begin the fight back and eliminate the male are that has infiltrated your ranks

    Should be malware, obvs

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