Randolph Diner Restaurant. Take Out. Invites you to "Have a Great Take Out"

  • Thanks to my co-worker for making my day...while mocking the website design capabilities of symplywebs.com and simplywebs.com, he came across a site that was "designed" by Simply Webs: randolph-diner.com

    The menu for the "party room" and breakfast is exactly the same--perfect for all those parties where your guests love to chow down on Special K and Raisin Bran. And when you click to get directions, there's no map on the page. You have to click another link to get to MapQuest, and even then, the page incorrectly sends both the state and city fields with "New Jersey", so no map shows up.

    I'll let you discover the other errors and oddities. Of course, I would never suggest you e-mail Bobby Spiropoulos to tell him the website sucks, and he should hire someone else to re-design it. But if you feel like donating a few minutes of your time to make the world a better place, no one's stopping you.


  • Mapquest? Do these people live under a rock?

  • The web design might suck, but I've eaten there and they have good food!  I'm just happy that they have a web presence at all.


  • Oh dear God.

    I've just had a quick glance at those websites...

    simplywebs.com - the comic sans, the colours, that layout...

    I don't think they've done one thing on that website that could be considered 'good design'.

  • FrontPage really ought to make a hand pop out of the back of the user's computer to slap them whenever they select Comic Sans.

  • Owww! My eyes, my eyes!

    Bobby Spiropoulos, huh? Sounds like a Greek to me. There are only two things I hate in this world: people who are intolerant of other people, and the Greeks.

  • I have a hard time believing that this was not designed by a 15 year old. Clearly the person doesn't have either Photoshop or a free equivalent. Does MS Paint still not antialias text? Because that's what it looks like they're using. And yes, I'd say he's Greek - the bullets on the diner page are all little Greek flags.

  • The dinner menu, which happens to be the same as the full menu, contains two different "Chicken Maytag"s, with two different prices, and two very different descriptions. That'd be quite the pain in the ass for the kitchen/waiting staff. Plus, they've named it after an appliance-making company.

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