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    If it's posted in this thread, it's a house rule, one that you won't find in the Pathfinder rules but which is still a rule. This thread is locked so that I can abuse my mod powers and be the only one allowed to post in it 😉

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    Hero Points

    This game uses the Hero Points optional rule set, as detailed below

    Earning Hero Points

    • You begin play with 0 hero points.
    • Naming your character gets you 1 hero point. You may only claim this once.
    • Submitting a backstory gets you 1 hero point. You may only claim this once.
    • Coming up with an image to represent your character gets you 1 hero point. You may only claim this once.
    • You may submit along with your character a brief paragraph explaining their moral code and/or religious belief system. If you do, when you uphold that belief system in a grand way or a way that costs your character something, you will earn 1 hero point. The GM must approve the moral/religious code before it can be used in this manner.
    • Writing up a particularly impressive description of your actions may earn you 1 hero point, at the GM's discretion
    • Exceptional roleplaying may earn you 1 hero point per scene, at the GM's discretion
    • You may not hold more than 3 hero points at a time.

    Spending Hero Points

    You may spend a hero point at any time, without using an action, to perform the following effects. You may not spend more than 1 hero point during a single round of combat or 6-second interval out of combat.

    • Act out of turn: you may act as though you had a readied action, moving your initiative.
    • Bonus: if spent before rolling, a hero point gets you a +8 luck bonus to any one roll. If spent after rolling, a hero point gets you a +4 bonus. You may spend the hero point to aid another character, but they receive only half the benefit (+4 or +2)
    • Extra action: you may redeem one hero point for an additional standard or move action on your turn.
    • Inspiration: At any time, you may offer 1 hero point to get some divine inspiration about what to do next. The GM may refuse this; if so, you retain the hero point
    • Recall: You may spend a hero point to recall a spell you have already cast or regain one use of a special ability that had limited uses.
    • Reroll: You may spend a hero point to reroll any d20 you just rolled. You must take the results of the second roll.
    • Awesomeness: You may offer a hero point to ask the GM to make something awesome happen. The GM may refuse this; if so, you retain the hero point.
    • Cheat Death: You may offer 2 hero points to the GM in order to cheat death. The GM has full discretion over if or how this happens.

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    Stat Rerolls

    It seems that Yamibot already knows how most of it works (roll 4d6, drop the lowest) but there is also a mulligan rule: if your total score is less than 85, reroll. The way I figure it, the PCs are supposed to be heroes (in the 'legend sense, not the 'nice guy' sense) so your starting stats should reflect that fact. On the other hand, if you want to play a character with a noticeable defect (ie, a WIS of 8 to reflect that your head is a portal to the Elemental Plane of Air), you might be able to get something nice from a GM by trading in a good score. So say you end up with 10 as your lowest roll. If you ask to lower it to 6, maybe your high roll of 17 gets bumped to an 18. or maybe you get a free feat

    For ease of rolls, you can just reroll your lowest score instead of all six btw. repeat until over 85.

    Or you can take the following array in lieu of rolling: 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 10

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    Setting Information


    Long ago, before the dawn of written history, there was a golden age. Heroes were born then, a race of tall, strong people known only as The Ancients. Every race has legends of the Ancients, and every race say they looked much like themselves. It is no matter. What they were was beloved of the gods, performing feats that would astound the modern person as a matter of course.

    What they did, no-one is quite sure, but it displeased the gods severely. What remains of their sandstone cities is now nothing but twisted, glass ruins; what remains of their fertile paradise is a hot, dry desert, too vast and full of monsters to cross safely.The races of the modern age were created as a pale shadow of what was lost, a reminder of the people the gods so loved.


    The kingdom of Drasslin stretches from the Ettian Desert to the cliffs of WhiteHawk; those few brave merchants who make a living crossing the desert bring word of kingdoms on the other side, and ditto for those who brave the open, tempest-tossed sea, but otherwise Drasslin is more or less on its own, a small oasis in an inhospitable region.

    The mountains in the center of Drasslin are home to several cities tucked away amongst the forests; to the east, between the foot of the mountains and the desert is the Great Plains of M’kai. The Laravor Foothills, between the west of the mountain region and the cliffs, are rich farmland, nurtured by frequent rains; M’kai, on the other hand, gets far less water, and while a particularly hardy strain of grass grows waist-high there, crops do not fare as well. The cliffs wrap around to the south, abutting the mountain range, and the desert stretches around to the north, growing no colder for the latitude change.

    Due to the bizarre geography, water is a valuable resource in the mountains and to the east. The further east you go, the more scarce water becomes. In the mountains, there are several strange and magical places where fresh water seems to be created from sheer rock; each of these places is claimed and guarded by a water baron, someone who charges for water rights in their little fiefdom.

    In the M’kai plains, several of these streams (now underground) flow into a vast underground reservoir which is the sole source of water for the grasslands. If these streams were to become blocked up, the plains would soon become desert themselves.

    Notable Places

    The capitol city of Gubaro began as a small fortress guarding the easiest pass through the mountains. The tolls collected from going through the pass paid for more and more guards, who then brought their families to live with them. Now, Gubaro is a thriving metropolis broken in half: one half on the southern side of the pass, and one on the northern side, with a fortress in the pass itself.

    The Muntai peak is home to the Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters. Adventurers are those who venture forth into the desert or onto the seas, fighting with monsters and retrieving ancient artifacts -- a risky proposal, but if you’re the lucky one in a hundred who finds something and lives to tell the tale, one that can make you very, very rich. Several of these rich, prosperous former adventurers created the castle atop the Muntai peak in order to protect their wealth as they trained their descendents to have a better chance of adding to the hoard; over time, people begged to become their apprentices, and they founded a training academy, making them even more money.

    It is this academy where you began your three years of intensive training, one year ago. This training takes the form of combat lessons, survival courses, and fellowship with the other members of your class. The six of you have moved as a group from day one, sharing a dormitory, taking meals together, and learning to fight alongside each other, giving you real world experience working as a team: something the mentors say will keep you alive in the deserts.

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    This post is deleted!

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    We are not using Traits.

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    Do not assume anything true in Group A is true for Group B, and vice versa. They are entirely alternate universes; the campaign seed is the same, but we reserve the right to customize any and all facets to match the group better.

    If you want to learn some DMing tips, feel free to compare the two and ask us later why we did as we did 🙂

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    Metagaming is punishable by death. If you are not sure if you can avoid accidentally using knowledge you have gained from the other team's thread, please put their thread on Ignore until the game has ended.

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    If you mess up a roll:

    • If you added the wrong modifier, keep the roll itself and adjust the modifier
    • If you rolled too few dice, roll the additional dice and add the sum total together
    • If you rolled too many dice, starting from the left, take the dice you rolled in order until you have enough.
    • If you rolled the wrong size dice, reroll.

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    If a GM calls for a roll (saving throw, perception, etc) and the player does not respond within 24 hours, the GM will roll on their behalf.

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    Please add a post to the character sheet thread stating what you wish to happen if you go AFK for 24 hours during combat.

    Choices are:

    • Simply Skip: Pass your turn. You will do nothing, good or bad. Any saves or AOO will be resolved by the GM right away until such time as you post in the OCC that you're back.
    • Total Defence: You turtle, forfeiting AOO for increased AC. Any saves will be resolved by the GM right away until such time as you post in the OCC that you're back.
    • Trust in God: You allow a GM to decide your actions for that turn. The GM will attempt to stay in character as much as possible and will ignore GM knowledge as best they can, so the action taken may or may not be a 'good' one.
    • Fall Asleep: Your PC passes out and is basically ignored for the rest of the fight. If the rest of the party dies or flees, you are dead.

    If no choice is made for a PC, we will default to Simply Skip.

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    In Pathfinder, Detect Evil can only detect major forces of evil: creatures with fewer than 5 hit die are not capable of major acts of evil that make them register to the spell.

    Because this is a low-level campaign, we are allowing "very faint" auras to exist: evil creatures with low hit die. The aura lingers for only a single round.

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    0_1486742204867_Because Shut Up.png

    Distances are not exact, map is not entirely to scale, etc. and there are more places than what's shown that just aren't relevant yet. Team A can ignore the Baron landmark, he doesn't exist in your world.

    Making fun of Headmaster Ebonfeather's map will result in an Enlarged and Extended casting of Black Tentacles being performed within your person.

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    So, here are the rules for our next challenge (which I'm pretty sure most of you saw coming). Please ask if anything is unclear, this is the beta so feedback and such is very much desired.

    					Fire Chase Rules

    Set Up:

    • The Heroes have 4 Zones of Lead at start.
    • Roll initiative. The highest initiative player becomes the Leading Player.
    • Three Cards are drawn and names shown. They are then put, in order, into the Up Ahead pool.
    • Based on conditions at the start of the Chase, the DM might bestow BONUS or PENALTY for the first turn.

    On Each Turn

    • The Leading Player is dealt the first card from the Up Ahead pool. They won't know what the checks, choices or results of a card are until they’re committed to dealing with it (though one might be able to guess from the name).
    • Cards can be skipped (put into the discard pile) in two ways:
      • Any player may pay a single Hero Point.
      • If the previous player earned a BONUS, it can sacrificed by the current player.
    • Enact the game text on the card, making any rolls or choices as prompted. Once a card's full text is revealed, it must be completed. If the Leading Player has a BONUS at this time, they gain a +3 to any rolls made (or -3 if that is more favorable to the player). This expends the BONUS. .
      • A player may ignore (auto-fail) a card to use a healing/buffing ability on any player, following normal rules.
    • Players earn a BONUS if they pass the DC of a card by five or more.
    • Players earn a PENALTY if they fail the DC of a card by five or more. A PENALTY prevents the use of Hero Points during the next player’s turn for any reason.
    • The next player in initiative order becomes the Leading Player. However, a player can spend a Hero Point or the player who just went can sacrifice a just earned BONUS to instead move a person in the turn order to go next instead. This change in order is permanent, unless someone pays to change it again. Players cannot go more than once per round even if they have both Hero Points and a BONUS to spend at once.

    Phases of a turn:
    Start: The Leading Player decides whether to sacrifice their BONUS (or spend a HPt) to skip to the next card. This is done in OOC.
    Presentation: The GM narrates the circumstances of the LP’s turn and presents them with the choice or roll for their card. This is done in the Game Thread.
    Reaction: The LP decides or rolls (narration is desired as well). This is done in the Game Thread.
    Results: The GM narrates the outcome of the LP’s actions and informs them of any damages, penalties or rewards such as a BONUS or PENALTY. This is done in the Game Thread.
    Draw: A card (or two cards, if one was skipped earlier) is drawn to refill the Up Ahead Pool. This is done in OOC.
    Passing on: The LP decides whether to sacrifice their earned BONUS (or spend a HPt) to move another PC up in the turn order so they go next.. This is done in OOC.
    End: The current LP stops being the LP and the next player in the turn order steps up. This is done in OOC by either the current LP tagging the next LP or making me do it if you take too long.

    Hero Points can be spent at any time during a turn by anyone, unless they have already spent one this round, the turn is under a PENALTY or there are special circumstances. PENALTIES are applied to the next turn, not the turn they’re earned. Thus, a Hero Point can be spent the round a Penalty is earned to ‘bring in a ringer’ for the next card. However, you can’t end a PENALTY turn, then use a Hero Point to redirect the hand-off- there’s no ‘dead time’ between turns.

    Victory! Or Not… The chase will end when:

    • If 6 rounds finish with at least one PC still alive..
    • If the Party gets to 20 Lead
    • If the Party passes through the Inferno (alive)
    • The Party dies.

    (As a note, End Condition 3 is basically End Condition 3. You will die, I’m just giving false hope)


    • Animal companions, followers, familiars, etc can spend from their pool of Hero Points but do not take a turn of their own.
    • The normal restriction for spending Hero Points (1 per round per person) is maintained.
    • Each Card has either a choice of two rolls or a decision. If it is a roll card and neither of the two options are palatable, you may ask in OOC if you can use another skill, save, etc instead, albeit against a higher DC. You must explain and justify your alternative in your OOC post request.
    • Two Hero Points (from one or two PCs) can be spent at any time to grant the party a Zone of Lead.
    • Each turn lasts no longer than 24 real time hours.
    • You cannot gift or delay the use of a BONUS, it always affects the turn after it has been earned. However, you can Wager a BONUS. Once Wagered, the BONUS can no longer be used as normal. Instead, if another BONUS is earned before a PENALTY is earned, the Wagered BONUS and the newly earned BONUS can be spent to either swap two PCs in the turn order (neither can have already go this round) or to instantly gain one Lead. If, however, a PENALTY is earned first, the Wagered BONUS is lost.
    • The Chasing Flame consists of two areas: the Leading Edge and the Inferno
      • The Leading Edge effects the Heros at Lead 1 and 2. (maybe survivable)
      • The Inferno effects the Heros at Lead 0 to -3 (probably not survivable)


    • I’ve tweaked how the cards are presented to the group and the BONUS/PENALTY system to try to give the party more tactical control.
    • I’ve put a hard number to the number of Rounds you need to survive.
    • I’ve removed rewards and penalties giving extra cards for roll results.
    • I’ve added damage penalties to failing certain cards.
    • I’ve added skill/save check penalties for certain skills for failing certain cards
    • I’ll be ‘sigging’ your Current Lead, the current Round and the Up Ahead Pool every post to make it easier to stay aware of what’s going on.

    Basically, I’m trying to add some urgency and agency by increasing options and adding danger. A possible issue I can foresee is that this has added new steps to each turn, which could slow things down, but I’m hoping the extra flexibility in tactics will be worth it.

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