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    So, I know we had some holidays in as well, but there was a day or two before the holidays too and nobody's had any response to Cy and Kell's conversation post scouting trip. Or for that matter several people neither participated in the scouting trip nor did anything else. Is there even still interest in this, or should we just go ahead and mercy kill it?

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    I was gonna give it a little bit more time... but I've been wondering about this as well, to be perfectly frank.

  • Wouldn't I get in the way of a scouting trip?

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    Possibly so, though I'd like to think we kept far enough away that the pixies wouldn't have heard us discussing burning down the vines 🚎

    Though, if not on the scouting trip, what did Zabrock do for the half hour while Cy wasn't around to rain on his parade? Or now that we're back and discussing what we saw, what next? Let's get a conversation going for a plan, I'd rather not keep firing in unilateral plans.

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    So, my thinking as far as the watching plan...

    • The rule of "don't separate the party" is in play, but given that the chasm took 30 minutes to circumnavigate carefully, it seems too big to really get good information about the entire area from a single vantage point
    • If we split into pairs we have a little immediate support, and separate roughly 120 degrees apart so the other two pairs can converge as quick as possible if SHTF.
    • I'm thinking we only separate during the day, and then for evenings we meet to compare notes and enjoy hardtack together before sleeping in a single campsite.

    Any refinements / criticisms before we throw the plan over the fence to @Kaelas?

  • @izzion This matches my expectations of the plan.

    Thought the backup thing. if it takes 30 minutes to circle it will take 10 minutes walking or 5 Hustling , it's also 3 minutes running to close the gap from one position to the other.

    Given that but you can only run for a number of rounds equal to your constitution score before bad things happen, and that 3 minutes is 30 combat rounds no one in the party is going to be able to run the distance in enough time to help a combat.

    I think we should not rely on backup if trouble hits one of the groups..... Which of course now that i do that calculation means...... Umm.... you know it's probably a bad idea to split the party?

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    Hm, good point. OTOH, my thought is that doing a Jericho is more likely to be seen as aggressive compared to watchfully waiting. I suppose we could change positions every couple hours, get some watching time at each position each day, but not just frog march around and around the chasm?

  • @izzion it makes sense if we keep the party together and rotate observation point occasionally. we should be able to maintain a balance of distance that is non threatening but close enough to watch what needs watching. it's not as good as splitting the party on the observation point but is much safer on the "have you seen the name of the thread?!" potential TPK front

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