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  • That last comment from the Peculiar Paladin earns a glare from Kell. Yes Kell is aware that is the most expedient way to get to their goal, and the accomplishment of their goal would cause far more good than the not-good of burning these fae's home. The ends justify the means, eh? Kell's already low opinion of the Peculiar Paladin grows slightly lower.

    Still that is something to think about.... maybe if the stakes were higher the ends would really justify the means? Could there be a situation where doing evil in the service of good becomes a good thing? That will be something Kell will have to think about carefully, but later. Later...

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    "Are you and Herald ok?" Cy asked, moving toward Sunless Moon as she pulled back out of the vines. "I'm not sure I feel comfortable splitting up to search, given how many of these sprites there seem to be over here. Once Sunless Moon and Herald are recovered, let's proceed around the chasm to the right as a group, and see if we can spot any irregularities or breaks in the vine cover."

  • Alanus nods in agreement, "Yeah... hopefully we'll spot a proper way down sooner or later... or at least a slightly more manageable improper way down."

  • Sunless unhappily makes her way back to the group, out of the vines, and kneels, setting Herald down. "We will be fine. Give him some time to recover."

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    And indeed, less than half a minute later, Herald is alert and upright, though a fair bit... unsettled by the experience. By that time, the sprites had all apparently lost interest in the party and had wandered off.

    Now what?

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    Finishing up her snack, @tsaukpaetra stands and asks to no one in particular, "So... Should we see if there's another way in or what?"

  • Sunless stares at @Tsaukpaetra for a moment, then sighs, nodding, "That may well be the best course of action."

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    Nodding, Cy points off toward the right. "Let's see if there's any breaks in the vine cover or other entry ways to the chasm," as he set off to circle the chasm in a counter-clockwise direction, being careful to keep 50 feet of distance between himself and the vine cover. Hopefully we don't split up, but it's better than standing here doing nothing...

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    @izzion - and whoever else is going with him, which looks like @Tsaukpaetra and @Hitoshirenu-Shourai at first- are about to get a pretty good look over of the ravine in the half hour it takes to walk around it carefully. The vines continue to prevent them from getting to the lip of the ravine, so they can't get a look down into it, but they seet get a little detail after combining their observations and various understandings of what is being observed.

    At one end of the ravine, [marked 2], there's... not an absence of vines, but a lessening. It takes a few moments, but it's also noted that there aren't any of those clusters of vines present, nor flashes of color. There are, however, signs that small pockets of the vines- roughly the same number as clusters in other areas, have been damaged. The area there also look like it's a slightly sharper incline but also that it goes down further before dropping off entirely. On the other hand... what's keeping the spirits from tending this area?

    On the far side of the ravine [marked 1], they can see a small waterfall from their current location. It's fairly small, only about five, maybe ten feet wide at most and set in a niche in the corner. Something about it strange, but it's not until they get much closer- just about the opposite side of where they tried to force their way past and the closest they can get to the waterfall before the angle goes bad on them- that the sharper-eyed among them pick up on the weirdness. The waterfall is flowing backwards, up the side of the cliff and then just vanishing. They can't see where or how though.

    When they get the area above the waterfall, they note that the vines are especially dense there, tendrils and clusters both. So are the sprites- there's easily thirty of them within eyeshot at one point, which, given how hard they are to spot even while glowing, is foreboding. The last and final thing of note they see is what looks likes the remains of a small camp, easily months or maybe even years old [marked 3] a few score feet from the vine zone. As far as they can tell, there were two tents, neither big enough for more than two close friends each (or two small beings or three small friends). The tents themselves are rotted completely away, though the frames remain in brittle fragments. There's a rusted out cookpot and some tools for dressing small game near a small depression filled with flat stones as well, but that's all they find with a cursory search.

    Updated Map

    0_1511152120419_Ravine 2.JPG

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    As the scouting party returned to its original location, Cy plopped himself down next to the cart with a sigh. "So, vines as far as the eye can see... except for the waterfall on the other side. And given that the vines and fae were even thicker by the waterfall, not sure it'd be worth trying even if we were all legendary swimmers."

    Cy scowled before continuing, "And I'm not sure I really want to meet whatever critter was powerful enough to damage the vines on the east end. But we might not have much choice other than to risk such a meeting, if we think we need to investigate this crevice further..." With a half-hearted smirk, he tried to lighten the mood, "Who was supposed to bring the map of the area that had directions to a town where we could get more information?"

  • Kell had been thinking carefully "Polished glass or stones, honey, treasure." the words spill out of their mouth. The tone indicated there's some common thought behind the words but Kell hasn't articulated what it is yet, they seem distracted. Perhaps they'll elaborate if asked?

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    "A warm bath, the end of this mission, and all powerful lightning bolts from my hands..." Cy countered, staring weirdly at Kell. "Though I'm not sure if it's weirder to randomly list things we're craving, or that you're craving polished glass and honey..."

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  • Kell shakes their head "Not that, no." they reply bemusedly "This one was thinking, if we were to offer tribute in exchange for passage what would the fae folk take as a fair and proper tribute?"

  • "Without knowing who or what is controlling these fey, preparing ideas and treasures would be futile. Unless someone here is clairvoyant, I believe the only way we will find out is by experiencing it ourselves. The options then become: Watch, watch, and listen. Or, if we're feeling up to it, walk right in. That would not be wise, but I have seen it work quite well numerous times." She kneels down and rests her arm on her wolfen companion, leaning gently against him. "What are your thoughts?"

  • "I don't know about you guys, but I can't fight while climbing, and a dragon is about as bad as it gets."

    "I vote for the path without the furies".

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    "Hm, so then it seems like our best options are either to cautiously attempt to enter the chasm through the dead space in the vines, or to leave the chasm and search more of the area for signs of the dragon's presence. How far is it to the nearest town or village, maybe we could inquire there? Who brought the map anyway, wasn't that you, Alanus?"

    [ @Rednaxela being the K:Geo trained person Cy knows ]

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    "I'm still in favor of watching to see what happens. If the dragon is in there, it's passing in such away that it's not provoking bedazzlement from the bees, and if anything else is there, we might get a hint as to how they're doing it. Well, either that or some other dude sat and waited and there's nothing in the cave after all..." @tsaukpaetra rambles, gesturing at the abandoned campsite.

  • Kell nods "So we wait and observe. We have supplies enough for a little time. Two days perhaps? then we will have a decent idea of the patterns of this place and can formulate a proper assault."

    They seem to think it's a decent plan, even if their monotone seems to indicate that the plan wasn't theirs, they just like it.

  • Alanus nods to @izzion "Yeah... I have the map... Just a moment..."

    While getting the map out, he comments, "I could see either way of going about things working... but let's see... nearest town..."

    !roll 1d20+4 [Knowledge Geo]

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    [09:08] <HermesBot> Kaelas rolled 1d20+4+2 (K. Geo w/ map) || 1d20: 10 = 10 || +4 || +2 || Total: 16

    The nearest town? Over a month away, easily. There simply aren't any permanent settlements this deep into the Plains. They might get lucky and run into one of the various nomadic groups that live out this deep, but given that orcs are the most populous group, it might not be good luck. @xaade being here might be enough to at least not be attacked on sight but.. that's only a maybe. It's just as possible they'd be offended that the 'runty' half-orc was allowed to live this long. Or they might assume he's their slave and act to free him, with great amounts of violence of course.

  • Alanus sighs and looks to Cy again with the map out, commenting "Yeah, nothing remotely near, well... unless you're hoping to run into nomadic groups. I'm thinking we... want to avoid nomadic groups right now probably, given... last... time..."

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    "Hm, yeah, casting about aimlessly sounds like a worse idea than watchfully waiting, at least for now... And I suppose we can hunt pretty easily too. Maybe section the area off into thirds, spread out in pairs so that a few of us are watching each area?" Cy pondered, lost in thought and clearly not aware he was speaking out loud. "Maybe one pairing by the abandoned campsite, one within eye sight of (but well away from) the thickest part of the vines, and one pair near the dead spot?"

  • Kell nods. They like that idea. Information is good and caution as well. This is a solid plan.

  • Zabrock volunteers, "If other people agree that the dead spot will likely produce something dangerous, I'll take that position. We'll need a way to signal each other."

  • "Probably the simplest way to signal is with a torch, or some other light source. Another way is to whistle loudly, but that might bring more attention than just the light."

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