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    "How long before you did the others depart for the islands?" Cy inquired.

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    Rowan seems to have to dig a little for that one. "Uh, let's see... about... three months? Maybe a little more? But most of us are actually still coming. A dozen or so really small teams were sent out to find a place, then we were sent out to get things set up before the main group arrives after they all sent back what they found. That's why we're so worried about making it before the season turns... something about storm patterns and tides or something? If we can't make it to the coast in time, it'll put us really behind schedule and we won't be able to have enough places set up before the bulk of us arrive."

    Sister Cedra looks rather pleased at how @cloak15 seems to be treating Vanessa- clearly, she at least is also aware of what Vanessa did (and probably respected her before that anyway) so she clearly approves of the compliments to the Herald. She purses her lips a little at his response to her however, peering intently at Edwin, causing him to be reminded of how strangely, subtly off the pilgrims' features are. "No mortals' place to judge another... but then that's a judgment of its own, isn't it?" she replies, finishing with a soft bark of laughter. "Still, you're polite and know how to be respectful, which is more than most these days," she adds with a sniff.

    Vanessa smiles at the older woman and gestures towards the grave. "Do you need to make any preparations, Cleric Gales?"

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    Cy covers a frown at Rowan's last comment, since avoiding encampments isn't a very effective way to travel while under time pressure. Probably better not to burden Rowan with that, especially today of all days... not really his decision to make anyway, I expect.

    "Once all the groups re-unite, how large of a settlement will you have, altogether?" Cy asked. And then, with a slightly more knowing look... "Any prospective... tools of your own waiting for you on the island?"

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    "I thank you for your high praise, Sister Cedra." Edwin sounded completely sincere about that, as he expected that Sister Cedra, as many older Sisters seemed to be, had a high standard that people should live up to... Though now that he was looking, there WAS something different. He was unsure WHAT it was, but it was not simply a trick of his mind caused by fatigue or paranoia. "I believe I have everything." He checked a small bag he had hanging from his belt and found that, yes, the few components he needed for spells were there. "Has anyone already found the center of these graves?"

    !roll 1d20+6 Perception on what WAS off about the pilgrims' features?

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    Total: 26

  • Zabrock hadn't said anything much and so no Rowan and Cy hadn't noticed how he had joined them just inside conversation range. To anyone watching he didn't seem to be paying attention to the conversation, but something just didn't seem right to him.

    !roll 1d20+9 Sense Motive on Rowan.

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    1d20: 19 = 19
    Total: 28

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    @izzion doesn't seem to be picking up on it- and it's gotten less prominent since Cy has started distracting him- but @xaade is able to figure out what was/is bothering Rowan. He's desperately relieved that his closest family- his sister Ashleigh and his master Deidre- lived. And he feels ashamed that he's so relieved when so many others of his family died. Which is not to say he's not grieving about their deaths, he just feels that he should feel worse than he does, that he shouldn't feel any happiness at all.

    Rowan gives Cy a slightly puzzled look as he tries to come up with an accurate number. And then blushes. "Ah, maybe four hundred? A few more than that maybe?" he finally says, then adds, "...none... specifically, but there are others my age in the main group so..." He shrugs a little, his expression shyly hopeful.

    As @cloak15 asks his question, the morning light spills across the plains, flooding Sister Cedra's face with brillant light for a few seconds. She winces at the sudden glare and averts her face- staring into the sun is not a fun morning activity after all- but for just a few second, her face is starkly lit. And the young cleric just happens to be staring directly at her for those few seconds. Her slightly angular features, just subtly different than the humans native to this region stand out sharply, but it's her eyes that grab his attention the most. With the light hitting just so, he can see... strands, ribbons, no, threads of something dark in the irises of her eyes. His first thought is veins but he has enough medical knowledge to know that he shouldn't be able to see them that clearly from double polite talking distance, if at all. And it is something in the eyes, not a top them. As she shifts her face to avoid the glare, he loses sight of whatever they are.

    "It appears that each mound is a separate grave. Separate mass grave, say rather," Sister Cedra replies. "We'll probably have to perform burial rites for each of them, then tie it all together with a focal rite. Yes, it'll take longer but..." Vanessa finishes smoothly, "it will take less invocations." She gives Cedra a fondly exasperated look. "Your lecture is duly remembered, I promise. As was the second, third and fourth lecture." Cedra scowls, the mutters something to herself.

    [remember you can roll skills, evidently yamibot is in a good mood so now is the time~]

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    Edwin barely managed to keep himself from staring too long. Sure, he could take the slightly angular look to mean that some were of a different race than humans. Very little of that would ever bother him and he would not be sure why that would be a secret....but he had NOT imagined what he saw. There had been something inside the woman's eye and he was sure that was not normal. There were LOTS of reasons for people to appear to be human but were not...or to no longer be, and while they had not done anything to alarm him, he could not simply leave things as that. If he could remember what he had learned and be able to rule out the worst of it, possibly it could come out in conversation rather than accusation.

    "I-I am sure that Sister Cedra only worries for your safety. Given the events of the past day, I would not begrudge her that. Besides, it is still early in the day and I believe it will take more than one full night before the restless undead would rise again, especially without more blood. I do not imagine it would be difficult to keep that from happening, now that the cause is common knowledge."

    !roll 1d20+5 Knowledge: Religion What in the seven heavens is THAT!

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    Total: 9

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    !roll 1d20+5 Knowledge: Religion Now with Hero Point Reroll.

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    1d20: 6 = 6
    Total: 11

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    @cloak15 can't recall any undead or Evil/Good aligned Outsider that would match what he just saw. Granted, he's still learning so maybe he just hasn't heard about whatever... they are or what that's about. Or perhaps it's something natural or of an arcane bent.

    Cedra gives Vanessa a pointed look, clearly sending a silent 'see, even the boy agrees with me' message. Vanessa simply laughs softly, smiles warmly and replies, "very true, Cleric Gales. I doubt they would rise even with another blood offering without having more time having passed, no. Shall we begin?"

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    Edwin gave a slight nod with his head "Of course." He was not sure what was distracting him. He would speak with some of the others to see if he simply was mistaken. "Where would you wish to start?"

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    Having kept mostly silent for the banter, @tsaukpaetra pipes up, "It's a good thing we now have the opportunity to affect this place for the better, in case others end up here. I'm not really much of a magic user, but if there's places you can cover the most ground for the least amount of effort, I would start there."

  • Zabrock pipes up, "Rowan, you say that you're part of a group to scout out locations, but you already seem to have one, and you're group is going in the opposite direction. You seem to feel guilty that you're not more attached to the group, but they seem to be withholding information from you. I don't think that the ritual to find your way is for nothing, and I don't think your leader intends anything bad. If there is something you're running away from, we can help. Can you give us any more information?"

    !roll 1d20+12 Diplomacy.

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    Total: 23

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    Rowan jolts a little as Zabrock begins talking, twisting around to look for who's speaking. He'd evidently not noticed the paladin's approach, too wrapped up in his thoughts and then his talk with @izzion . He looks startled but seems to take the words themselves without offense or worry. "We're not the scouts, they're already at the island, waiting for us. We're being sent ahead of the main group to help ready it for everyone else to arrive. Sixty- well... fifty now... Anyway, fifty people can camp without too much effort but several hundred would be a nightmare."

    He shrugs ,clearly trying to put on a stoic, mature face for Zabrock. "Or at least that's what I'm told. It makes sense to me, I couldn't imagine trying to use a campfire- or even a dozen of them- to try and feed four hundred people. Rather try just with one proper kitchen, cooking constantly, than that. But I'm not an adult- I'd just made novice before we left home- so... yeah, I'm sure there's stuff going on I don't know about." He looks from @xaade to Cy and back again. "I mean, you don't tell your young everything in your culture, do you?"

    Vanessa nods, gesturing with her bandaged hand towards the north most gravesite. "I thought to start there, then work around the crescent clockwise, just for organization. It makes no difference to Rao, so if Thyr would have a preference...." she offers to @cloak15 then glances at @Tsaukpaetra . "Did you wish to participate in the rites?"

  • Zabrock replies, "Then it must be a day trip from your main group of hundreds to the place you're setting up for them. Otherwise, the group of hundreds would be forced to camp somewhere. If you were to be inquisitive, how might you start?"

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    "I believe Thyr was pleased with the decision more than the organization, but I thank you for your consideration. As long as we complete the work and insure others will not fall into the same pitfall, I doubt either of our gods will be displeased."

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    Rowan gives @xaade a puzzled look, then brightens. "Oh, sorry, I don't think I explained it well enough. The main group hasn't left ho- the city yet. We're the... set-up group, I guess? It's one thing to camp and forage while moving, it's entirely another to do it while staying in the same place. Trash and other, err, stuff builds up, huntable animals and wild produce runs out and so forth. This group was sent ahead to get places to live in setup and start work on setting up fisheries and farms so when the main group arrives next year, there are resources in place. Most of us are carpenters and other craftsmen, plus a few farmers and cooks and stuff. So we'll met with the scout groups, who are all meeting up on the island. Most of them are probably already there actually."

    Sister Cedra harrumphs softly at @cloak15 's comment but it sounds more 'crotchety woman' than actually displeased in any way.

  • Zabrock replies, "I see. However, our main concern is that you seem to be heading in the opposite direction of the island, and we're here to handle reports of a danger that is capable of causing grave concern, possibly a dragon, even. We're worried you'll encounter the danger. The only conclusion I have left is that you're actively avoiding something worse than that. I'd like to help, but I need information from someone that knows more. Can you help me, help you?"

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    Cy scowls a little at Zabrock's line of questioning, but stops short of jumping in. He does pay close attention to Rowan to see if the paladin's inquisition is irritating Rowan.

    !roll 1d20+1 [ Sense Motive - Rowan's mood in response to questioning ]

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    Total: 18

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    As far as @izzion can tell, Rowan was perfectly fine until the last exchange, which has made him a touch annoyed. "Thank you for your concern, but we're fine. I understand that outsiders can... have trouble understanding us and our ways, but we do know what we're doing. Well, the Herald, the Sisters and Brothers do. I'm just a youth still, so I'm pretty clueless most of the time," he adds, clearly trying to lighten the suddenly somber mood with a joke.

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    Replying to Vanessa, @tsaukpaetra responds, "Well, I have no experience with the cleansing of undead stuffs. I wouldn't want to hinder your efforts..."

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    "See, Zabrock? I'm not the only clueless youth in the world!" Cy banters, playfully swiping at Zabrock's shoulder and trying to divert his inquisition. "And besides, I seem to remember several of your contributions to our brilliant idea to go out drinking and pranking on the night before our exams, too..."

  • Alanus finds himself thinking about the word 'sacrifice'. Mulling it over. Rolling around in his head. Seven poor souls. He'd been keeping somewhat to himself... Observing, but keeping to himself, feeling rather troubled. He had this vague feeling he was missing something, that there was some clue or sign he needed to keep an open mind to notice. It's all fuzzy, too gosh darn fuzzy. He felt somewhat useless in these matters really. His studies and training just haven't prepared him for this.

    Interactions between Rowan and Cy seemed reasonable from what he observed. Interactions between Vanessa and Edwin likewise seemed reasonable. Still though... he felt in need of answers. Had Cy or Edwin noticed something, he wonders? Rowan seemed like an innocent kid as far as he could gather. The Herald on the other hand was perhaps focal point of sorts... after all they're leading. It was Edwin that had been interacting with the Herald the most, with these rites and such. Perhaps he should talk to Edwin as soon as the rites are complete. He had the vague sense this was... important.

    Alanus looks up from his inner thoughts, only to notice a... confrontation between Zabrock and Rowan? Wait... no, the sudden movement wasn't confrontation, just startlement. Okay. He starts paying some closer attention, vaguely approaching but trying to not appear too interested. He didn't hear everything, but the change in tone from Rowan was crystal clear. The paladin had touched on something sensitive? Maybe time to defuse the situation? Like his late Uncle Uldric always said... well that's a story for another time.

    He approaches the group of Cy, Zabrock,and Rowan, shaking his head as he comments, "Regrettable idea..." while shaking his head, before looking toward Rowan with a friendly smile to say, "My friends aren't causing too much trouble are they?"

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    Putting on a somewhat more public face, Rowan allows Zabrock and Alanus to join the campfire chat. He's still friendly enough for sure, but Cy (by contrast and familiarity) and Zabrock (by training) can tell he's putting on a good face in front of company, so to speak. A normal enough reaction, honestly, and one perhaps that makes Cy feel a bit warm, given that Rowan wasn't acting that way when it was just the two of them talking. Breakfast passes swiftly, a mostly quiet affair as the pilgrims are all still clearly in mourning.

    The burial rites go well- Vanessa has clearly performed these rites before, though not with the addition of another's faith nor including spells designed to firmly send the dead to rest. Edwin would notice that Rao's faith seems to have a trifold theme crop up routinely- in this case, Vanessa speaks very often of the three states of morality. Creation, existence before birth, wherein you dwell with Rao for a time and learn what is right and good. Life... which is what they're all doing now, wherein you are tested, your actions and words compared to the ideals you learned before. And finally, Repose, or the afterlife where your results are given and you are given the eternity you earned.

    Edwin might have heard this through the filter of Thyr's dogma, just a little, but the gist is accurate.

    Thankfully, the rest of the day is much less eventful than the previous day, the combined group finding a campsite that appears much, much safer than a mass gravesite. Snib and Scai are particularly hungry, each eating three pheasants apiece but they also help catch a deer so Ashleigh isn't too caustic about their predations. Castor seems in a funk, moving on habit and not talking much. This causes his partner to pull him aside a few times for whispered conversations, the last of which ended with a hug.

    Regardless, night comes without danger and the Herald makes a point of casting a temporary Consecration in order to assure people a repeat of last night won't occur. The late start had meant the group had traveled through lunch, so this is the first chance the party has had to group up and speak privately....

    [ @Impossible-Mission-A ]

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    Edwin had pondered over the events of the last day as they traveled, still somewhat unsure of what it meant. As far as he could tell, none of the party had been acting oddly, but what he saw still troubled him enough that he wished to have the rest of the group's opinion. "Has anyone observed anything unusual in the past day? The restless undead aside, of course."

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    Cy shrugged a little bit, "I can't say I've seen anything out of the ordinary. A few people seem a bit edgier than normal today," he continued, pointedly not looking at Zabrock, "but it seemed pretty expected, given yesterday's events."

  • Marzon frowns slightly and gives a shrug, wincing slightly at the pain in his stomach "I haven't seen anything too odd, although the fact we still have our new companions with us is slightly odd. Not that I mind of course. I've mostly been resting and keeping out of the way though. Mulling some things over..."

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    "Probably the only thing unusual I think is that somehow everyone managed to walk into an evil burial ground with nobody noticing. I can understand fatigue dulling the senses, but didn't the Herald say she got a general feel for the land? Wouldn't that include a sense of evil surrounding an area, just waiting to be activated by a little blood?" @tsaukpaetra muses.

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    "I.. can understand being distracted, as I also had not noticed until blood had been spilt." He would like to remember if that was simply something you could sense before it was activated. "But I wished to ask about something else. I saw something that I do not entirely understand and wished to have another opinion on."

    !roll 1d20+5 (Knowledge: religion on sensing burial mounds that react to blood.)

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    !roll 1d20+5 For above

  • You rolled 1d20+5: 7

    Your rolls:
    1d20: 2 = 2
    Total: 7

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    There... might be a spell for it? Probably anyway. He doesn't think most people could just 'notice' that sort of thing. Maybe some intelligent undead or... aasimar and tieflings? Possibly? It sorta makes sense but he's just guessing really.

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    "Given that their feel for the land seems tied to Brother Keldar's ritual, maybe the ritual wears out at some point? He does cast it a second time when we stop for lunch, so it definitely seems that it doesn't cover a full day." Cy shrugs a bit, then continues, "Either way, I don't see much value in dwelling on the ill events of yesterday... aside from avoiding any more burial grounds before we reach the reservoir, anyway," Cy finishes with a smirk.

  • "It would be easier to simply sense evil, unless that doesn't work if the undead are inactive. Unfortunately I had foregone that ability."

  • Alanus decides to chime in then, "So what was it you wished to have another opinion on Edwin? Is there something that seemed amiss? I have to say... something has been having me a bit uneasy myself, though not quite sure what." He shakes his head a little and sighs, pondering the sights he caught in brief glances during the battle.
    While nothing seemed directly amiss to him, there was just... something about the way they seemed to organize?

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    "I would like to reiterate that I have seen nothing that makes me believe that they are malicious...but I do believe you are correct as to there being some unease. As I was helping with the rituals to allow the dead to rest, I noticed that one of the others looked... odd. I could not ascertain as to what to compare it to, but I notice there was something wrong with her eye. It was one of the older faithful, Sister Cedra. She had something either on or in her eye. I only saw it for a moment, and could not recall anything that it could be, so I hoped to ask if it was arcane in origin. They were...strands? Something akin to that, I believe."

    Edwin took a long sigh. "I thought that if it was simply something akin to an affect of magic she may have used or some such, but I thought to ask here before speaking to Herald Vanessa in length. It is possible that it is a separate and non-threatening matter that is private to the pilgrims, so if it was of no consequence, I would rather not cause strife where we have no need for it.

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    Cy's brow furrowed in concern, "Strands in the eyes? I assume you mean something more than just a tinge of extra color in her irises, then..."

    Cy didn't want to sound too ignorant (or knowledgeable, for that matter) while he racked his brain, trying to remember if his classes had touched on any spells that would effect the appearance of a caster's eyes... or if they had touched on any of the more exotic races, that might be born with such a feature...

    !roll 1d20+8 [Knowledge: Arcana - are there spells that leave a tinge in the caster's eyes, or exotic races born with shadows in their eyes?]

  • You rolled 1d20+8: 26

    Your rolls:
    1d20: 18 = 18
    Total: 26

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    There are certainly spells that could cause that but only as the spell's intent, not as a side effect- generally, cosmetic spells are designed to allow someone to pretend they're someone in particular or at least a specific race, gender or some such, but they could be used to create something like Edwin is describing with a few tweaks. The problem is that such spells are non permanent and would need to be recast. A very skilled caster could possibly have them last for days per cast, possibly even weeks, but it would be single target, so if the other pilgrims are the same, each would have had to have the spell cast on them individually. Possible, but difficult logistically speaking and something they'd notice being done pretty easily unless the pilgrims are a lot sneakier than the party has given them credit for.

    As for shadows in the eyes... wayang are a sub-race of halflings that have adapted to the Plane of Shadows to the point that they often have murky shadows drift across the pupil and iris of their eyes. Some tieflings might have shadow effects in their features as well. But both of those would have other, very noticeable traits as well, such as being half this size, horns, tails and having non-human shades for their skin and hair.

    Now, if those shadows are actually some physical object instead of being actual shadows caused by magic, that's another matter. Again, tieflings could have such strange features but would have other noticeable traits. Certain kinds of gensai might have crystalline eyes, and thus facets and flaws in their eyes that could create shadows but their skin and hair would also have a crystalline, or at least mineral/metal-like, appearance.

    In fact, Cy can't think of any race that would have such an effect that wouldn't have other, much more noticeable traits as well. And given one of his last tests before this whole quest thing happened was on magical humanoids, he feels pretty confident about that conclusion. Pretty good score on it too. On the other hand, that simply implies this is not a normal feature of whatever race they are (which implies in turn that they're humans as they said). So... perhaps a disease, magical or mundane. Or mayhap a curse or rather strange scar from a magical attack? An effect, intentional or otherwise, of some kind of ritual?

    Perhaps trying to cross-reference this with other clues might lead to some kind of answer... What else do they know about the pilgrims that seems off, besides strange eyes and poor sense of direction?

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    After a brief pause of thought, Cy finished, "As I think about it, there really aren't any known races that would have strange discoloration in their eyes, without also having other more noticeable exotic features. So maybe it's the side effect of a magical curse? I can't see any reason why someone would waste effort on a disguise spell just to add subtle features to their irises..."

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    "Perhaps as an attempt to be appealing or exotic? But then, who would be impressed (besides me, of course)?" @Tsaukpaetra muses....

  • Zabrock shrugs, "Perhaps it is related to their god?"

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    While @cloak15 can't claim to be an expert in the dogma and history of Rao and his worshippers, he can't recall anything giving significance to 'eyes' or even 'shadows.' It's possible it's a very brief or highly specific facet that only applies in very niche circumstances and isn't hinted at in the main body of the religion but it seems out of place.

    [part of Edwin's previous K.Religion check about Rao, brought to Edwin's mind by Zabrock's question]

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    "Nothing I can recall about Rao explains it as part of his influence. I... may be forgetting something, but I do not believe so." Edwin paused for a moment. "I... When the restless dead attacked, do you remember how long it took for the pilgrims to react?"

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