Well, that's one way to do it

  • public ObservableCollection<MyType> MyTypeObservableList
        var result = new ObservableCollection<MyType>();
        foreach (var myType in _myTypeList)
          result.Add(myType );
      return new ObservableCollection<MyType>(result);

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    So it's creating an observable collection, adding everything in the list to it, then returning a new observable collection created with the observable collection he just created as the parameter.

  • Impossible Mission - B

    That's a very reasonable way to do it... if you're doing lazy initialization. But there doesn't seem to be any initialization and saving of the value here, so... undefined undefined

  • @campkev said in Well, that's one way to do it:

    adding everything in the list to it

    One by one!

    Yeah, there isn't a single thing here being done right...

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