UI Mockup tools?

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    Looking to mock some UIs for a mobile app project.

    It's been years since I've done anything User-interfacey, and never mobile.

    What's the state of the tools?

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    @Weng I've used Balsamiq in the past - they have a web-based (was flash, they might have ditched it by now) tool that exports XML, and it can be read by the desktop version.

    IME it's not super fancy, but it gets the job done.

  • :belt_onion:

    Our designer consultants tend to use Zeplin, but then they mostly like it because it's a cloud thing where you can give direct feedback on the design. Buttons appear to work and simple actions can be scripted, and comment notes can be stuck on any widget or location.

    If your bosses have cloud-fright then it might not be the tool for them. Only problem is that the mock appears to work because you can click on it, needless to say that this might backfire with people ignorant of backend code.

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    @JBert WtfCorp has not just cloud fright but abject terror. This is.for.a personal project, however.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Of course, I immediately found a use for it in WtfLand and have sent my boss the "This is cheap you should buy this" email.

    Which will be rejected because God forbid we spend eighty bucks.

  • Balsamiq is pretty cool and it gets you up and running pretty quickly. If you have Visual Studio you might also find a storyboarding add-in for PowerPoint which can help you with some mock-ups. Lastly there's the more enterprise stuff like Axure.

    Personally I prefer the Balsamiq product, it really is easy and it doesn't break the bank. It's one of those products which I would pay out of my own pocket as it saves me the pain of doing those things with Paint.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @AlexMedia My boss' take on Balsamiq:

    "Sounds like a fancy restaurant. We should have a lunch meeting there."

  • @Weng
    La Balsamiq: A great restaurant in Null, Pointer.

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    This post is deleted!

  • There are many web-based editors that I've used for my (non-professional) projects

    https://moqups.com/ works pretty well.

  • @bb36e said in UI Mockup tools?:

    I've used Balsamiq in the past

    Our clients uses it, so I've only been on the receiving end of Balsamiq mockups, but they look pretty nice and sleek. Of course, the last time I had mockups done in Excel*, so literally anything looks good compared to that.

    *no, not using the VBA forms controls. Just abusing the tabular layout.

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