TIL the official website of our university used to be Remote Desktop

  • This is how the administration website of every Hungarian university looks like:
    But today I learned that it used to look like this:

    It turns out that formerly the official and only way of accessing Neptun was through Remote Desktoping into a Windows server and running this desktop app.

    (Now they have Android, iOS and Windows phone apps too. They are so similar and so bad that we're sure they're built from the same codebase with some crappy cross-platform toolchain. On Windows:

    It runs on Windows 10 too, with the same layout.

  • (But who am I kidding when the official Messenger app for Windows 10 looks and behaves like an iOS app and the Facebook desktop app reports itself as 'Safari on Windows 10')

  • area_can

    @marczellm said in TIL the official website of our university used to be Remote Desktop:

    official Messenger app for Windows 10

    I'm surprised they haven't deprecated that yet. They've made messenger clients for desktop but they're just web views pointing to messenger.com

  • Yes, but what do the do for the ever-important cat your files together and grepDesktop Search functionality?

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @ScholRLEA Just remembering how awful that sort of thing was for years makes me wonder whether that was something Microsoft outsourced to Swampy…

  • Dupa

    @marczellm I knew Facebook was a piece of shit! I don't use their software, but I haven't seen such an abomination on iOS for quite some time...

  • @bb36e You're kidding? It's brand new! And I looked at messenger.com and the UI is a bit different.

  • area_can

    @marczellm ah, never mind -- seems like the desktop app i've seen people use is an unofficial client.

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