Contracts Part 4: Recruiters

  • So I basically been sitting on my arse and doing nothing for about a month and a bit and was planning on going to somewhere in Europe that ISIS hasn't had a pop at yet.

    I want to move to London I have a lot of mates who work there.

    2 weeks ago

    I get a phone call from a large company that I had worked for before, they want me to do a contract. I have a telephone interview. I don't think I interviewed that well. I didn't hear back for more than a week and I assume I didn't get the job.

    Today Early Morning

    Turns out I did get the job, and they didn't get management approval until yesterday (Wednesday) and want me to in 2 weeks. No paper work has come through at this point. Seeing paperwork IMO makes it official so until I see paper work I don't consider it official.

    Today Lunchtime

    I get phoned up today very early morning before I've seen any official paper work from the other offer and get persuaded by a recruiter to have a telephone interview with this company in London. I say yes why not. I let both the recruiter and the employer that they have to act quickly if they want me as I am expecting official confirmation today on this new contract.

    The recruiter tells me that they have interviewed 90+ Sitecore developers in the UK.

    The company wants me to phone them up (no time specified) so I phone them up after 2pm (because it was midday when the recruiter verified the number and the person I would be speaking to). I phoned after 2 become usually most people in the UK take their lunch times between 12 and 2 as a rule.

    The guy is on lunch at 2.30pm. I phone the recruiter and then he is on lunch. When I do get hold of him it is 3.50pm he makes it should like I am inconveniencing him. Learning from my previous encounters I let this slide and just carry on the conversation.

    He sends me a URL of a web test they have, I complete it on the phone and some of the multi choice answers are wrong.

    I wasn't sure at the time but I looked them up afterwards on MSDN and Microsoft said their test wasn't right.

    I answer everything while he was listening to my breath probably on the phone. He when quizzes me on the answers and I tell him why I answered some questions that were deliberately wrong.

    He thanks me and the interview is over. However before that happens he tells me he has had my CV for 4 days and hasn't bothered until now to get hold of me. I assume that is because they had interviewed other people and didn't like them before me.

    In the meantime all the paper work is sitting in my inbox.

    4.30 pm Today

    I phoned the recruiter and said I did the test, the guy was a little rude etc. I told him about the fact that I looked up some of the questions and what I thought was correct and the test was wrong.

    They want a second interview and another tech test. I said "It must be in the morning, otherwise it is a no".

    6pm Today

    Asked to go face to face tomorrow in the afternoon. I say to the recruiter they are taking the piss.

  • @lucas1 I've been in London, took this picture with a few friends there:



  • @fbmac
    You know that the red shirt at the back is the one to be killed first.

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