Mafia 8 - Greed

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place


  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    You are Taskforce Greed. Your nation has sent you to steal the missile in this silo and fire it at your ancient enemies!
    You may communicate in this thread at any time.
    Your team has the ability to carry out 1 mission per night. Those missions may be chosen from the following list:

    1. Kill another player.
    2. Investigate another player's
      2.1 Role
      2.2 Alignment
      2.3 Whether they have a weapon
      2.4 Whereabouts that night
      2.5 Visitors that night
    3. Standby to protect another player from harm (doctor)
    4. Block another player from acting.
    5. Hunker down together in a defensive position. You will kill anyone who attempts to visit you (PGO). You only have enough bullets to kill one person in this manner.

    With the exception of the 'Hunker down' option, only one of you may go on a mission. The other will provide vital support. As a result, if one of you dies, there will be a chance of failing to carry out your attempted mission. You will be told explicitly if you fail for this reason. Hunker down cannot fail if you have ammunition left.

  • Hello fellow conspirator 🙂

    With only two of us this seems oddly unbalanced - but maybe Weng is working on the basis that pick-you-own power role each night makes us exceptionally strong.

    Do you think there are likely to be multiple Mafia factions, with other governments also trying for the missile?

  • I have a slight suspicion that everyone is having to ad lib when describing their roles. There's no consistent 'vanilla' form emerging.

    Beyond the Taskforce Greed stuff I've got no hint from my role card who I am, so had to invent a Private (First Class). If vanilla cards have defined roles then our lack of role might be quite a dangerous mafia-tell.

    I somewhat wonder if Weng has made everyone Mafia (different factions) and we're all covering something up.

  • @japonicus It's either no one got ranks and everyone is ad-libbing, or we weren't given ranks to convey as our cover, which could be a tell.

    So far, I think we seem safe (I opted for Corporal), but not everyone has checked in yet (I count 3 still missing, and xaade checked in after we both have). Possibly safe we opted for low ranks, where you'd expect to see multiple people with, but that's assuming that was even the way it was intended to go (since no rank was specified in the OP for anyone, just that we had a commander).

    Given the player count, and the fact there's only two of us, I'm going to assume there's another faction in play.

  • 🤣 with a speech like that he surely can't be anything but scum or cult, but we should leave him be till the end-game - just for the sake of 🍿

    @e4tmyl33t said in Mafia 8 - Game Thread:

    Democracy in a crisis like this can definitely be a good idea, regardless of our ranks or divisions. Now that the panic is starting to die down from this, I'm willing to suspend any formal protocol and equalize everyone in order to get us sorted, as long as we're all on the same page. We need to find the traitorous gobshite that killed our commander, and we need to make sure that missile is still here in the morning and not zooming out to blow up our own people. I don't want to lose anyone else, and the only other option for preventing all of that would be to throw everyone into the brig, if we even have one down here in this shitehole.
    So I'll throw my vote in for democracy, with the addendum that if anyone does feel concerned enough that they think they need to report any suspicious activity to a superior, I'll put my hat back on for that in confidence. However, if we all devolve into a raving band of loonies, I'm going to reinstate protocol right-quick. There'll be no anarchy on my watch.

  • The lynch wagon on abarker is up to five now (out of ?8 votes needed):

    Accalia, Yami, Xaade, Jaloopa, Japonicus

    Would be good to push this through if possible.

    I think there's a fair chance he's part of a scum faction - even if not, then two out of eight votes wouldn't expose us much.

  • accalia said in Mafia 8 - Game Thread:

    Accslia, who has been looking uncomfortable since her initial accusation blanches.

    "No, this isn't right. There has to be more than once traitor here.... but their numbers cannot be so numerous that they would throw one of their own under the bus to keep themselves hidden..... the only person to speak up in defense of abarker is abarker himself.... that's not right."

    I thought we had him for a moment, quite well played by Accalia.

  • @japonicus I didn't think it would've been that easy, but at least that shifts our positions on voting for him if anyone goes to inspect that. He's still one away now.

  • We've got there and just when I'd lined up another village idiot routine to counter Asdf's suspicions:

    My Ma always used to say I was a bit of a space cadet and took a long time to figure things out, but I always gets there in the end and the ways I see it, there's no choice in voting. None of us folks here want to be topped - how we fight back and defend ourselves depends more on our personality than our guilt. Least, that's how I sees things. With less than a day since Ben took a bullet, none of us are likely to slip up meaningfully.

    Only way to know what's going on is to gang up on someone and see who falls into line. No use spreading our accusations around, keep them concentrated. Just like shooting peas in a pod.

    may yet get to use it 🙂

  • Given that there is at least one other mafia-like entity I think it makes our night-choice quite complex.

    Abarker's depleted mafia is almost bound to go for a kill. If we do the same then it will make clear to everyone that multiple factions are in play. I'd be quite inclined to either hunker down or investigate-role tonight unless you've got a clear idea of who Abarker's partner was (I don't). Our joint presence on the lynch wagon makes us relatively safe tomorrow except for vulnerability to night kills.

    You've been very low profile so I think you're as safe as anyone from being killed off tonight, I might be at higher risk - but I think am still under the radar - unless abarker's posthumous fingers-of-suspicion were a double bluff and his faction has me in mind.

    I quite like the idea of targeting someone for role-investigation because it gives us a let-out if we are seen moving at night. We can claim that that is our exclusive power and present a series of results (at least some would be true). We have to assume that there could be many power roles in this game so someone may catch us in a night action at some point.

    The alternative might be to target someone not on the abarker wagon (Aliceif or VaultDweller come to mind) and hope we strike lucky and wipe out the opposition, but at the risk of blowing cover and exposing the existence of multiple mafia.

  • @japonicus Given the flip, there wasn't much to expose that there are multiple factions. All we got was "plenty of evidence he was a spy" and that "he had communications with others."

    I assume your or my flip would say the same. The most anyone would know is if there's more than 2 scum groups, the other groups are certain there's more than one scum group.

    Of course, that is only the case if we can trust the flip.

    Anyways, might be better to go the investigative route this early. I agree, if the majority is town, we're probably safe from focus, so don't need to PGO for that, but with more than one scum faction, I dunno, we could be targeted, but I'm sure someone else would be a bigger target than you or I this night.

    If we want to investigate, the question becomes who and what to investigate. Watching (visitors) and Tracking (whereabouts) is only good if one side ends up dead, because then we can point blame on someone if we're fine exposing that power (but then we may have to blow PGO and keep Doctoring until we run out of opponents).

    If we want to kill, may be good to look in who didn't vote for his partner, your choices are good. I want to suspect Accalia, but at the same time I don't think she'd be trying that tactic. You wouldn't further a bandwagon on an ally unless you wanted to throw people off, and on day 1, there isn't anything to throw off.

  • I agree that watching or tracking at this stage would be problematic because there are too many potential targets. I'd be inclined to Role Cop on Accalia. It won't really give us useful information (she's likely to be town) but if so then we can expose that later (and she'll be happy to corroborate) along with a few more similar results (e.g. I could confirm you as town also).

    It would then expose me to night kills, but we'd kill one with PGO and hopefully by that point in the game any remaining scum would be nearly eliminated.

    Abarker's flip was usefully ambiguous, but if both mafia factions kill tonight then it will, at the very least, be clear to the other mafia faction that something's up - town might remain confused for a while.

    Are you happy for me to investigate Accalia's role? Or please feel free to suggest something else.

  • @japonicus That's fine.

  • @weng my night action is to investigate Accalia's role.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    You find @accalia has a stash of remotely triggerable incendiary devices.

  • OK, I'm just going to throw this out there, but I'm thinking one of two things:

    • the majority are separate scum factions. If there are town players, they're not a very big team.
    • that is the town flip, meant to deceive.

    Actually, maybe a third:

    • we're all being lied to, and every flip will be the same, scum or town (or arsonist?, if we want to trust that).

  • I not quite cynical enough to believe that the flips are complete lies - it would make it near to impossible to do anything other than kill at random as quickly as possible.

    Your first option looks more likely to me. Assuming that the other scum factions are similar to ours then they don't appear to have a way to kill multiple people at once and there were multiple shots last night (not a hunkered-down PGO type response with a single bullet). That would imply at least two other mafia factions other than us - unless there's a town PGO.

    Jaloopa was quite early in voting for abarker - which would be an oddly judged approach if they were on the same side. Either he's town and fell fowl of a PGO or a third mafia targeted him.

    He very slightly seeming to out himself as a 'spy' and so might have been targeted by abarker's mafia.

    asdf said in Mafia 8 - Game Thread:

    Did you notice how @abarker reacted when he heard @Jaloopa use the word "spy", as if it was perfectly clear that this is who our enemy is?

    Russ0519 was too quiet to be able to say anything about - perhaps he was part of abarker's mafia and targeted by Jaloopa's mob?

  • At-least Accalia's exposé is distinct - maybe we can trust it?

    If so what do we do about it? With the appearance of so many mob factions I don't think I can expose myself with a night-role yet - unless you were to be tied up as Doctor for the rest of the game - which doesn't seem sensible.

    It could be a good secret to hold in reserve till late on when I could admit to being a role-cop. If Accalia happens to be targeted by the lynch mob before then we might halfheartedly try to derail it.

  • Xaade appears to have been watching Accalia 😞

    Why is he so sure a PGO was involved - the simplest solution from his (presumed town) perspective would be two scum factions taking pot shots at each other.

  • Seems likely that Xaade and CreatedToDislikeThis are likely to be town. Is there merit in an unrelated third-party (i.e. you 🙂 ) stepping-in and questioning whether it's wise for people to expose themselves - given that Accalia is alive - so we were probably not up to nefarious purposes? Possibly also question whether Xaade's info is reliable anyway.

  • What he's said is ambiguous - it could be read as Accalia, CreatedToDislikeThis and I were all on the move. That could be a starting point if challenging his accusation - a way to appear confused about what he means.

    'watching the hallway' is not a conventional mafia activity.

    If truely 'watching the hallway' then his information is oddly incomplete then - why didn't he see mafia killers on the move?

  • If they push me too hard (lots of votes) then I'll probably divulge the bomb info, but will do my best to avoid that. There's a slight risk that createdtodislikethis also knows and might pre-empt me in which case I'm open to suggestions about what to claim I was up to.

    If I do end up claiming a powerful role then I'll make an immediate plea for protection tomorrow night. There's no likelihood that any doctor will protect me but it might be enough to scare of the killers (given that there are also other juicy targets).

    That would leave me free to kill whoever we think worthy (i.e. we shouldn't waste a night action on protecting me).

  • @japonicus I'm thinking you might not have to worry. That push on you was short lived and Xaade is now painting a bigger target on his back.

  • @ChaosTheEternal if @Xaade's world-view of night movements is credible (and as it stands it seems to be) then he's either going for one-off martyrdom or he's multiply bullet-proof.

  • @japonicus Either way, there does seem to be a bandwagon forming, and Accalia is throwing out the arsonist tells. Even if we didn't "know" that she's an arsonist, what she's doing is a bit too obvious.

  • Well that was fast, and I'm technically vote #8, so I'm not the hammer vote either.

  • Asdf is a nuisance. Am not quite sure why he has it in for me. I think he's quite likely to be scum, but killing him tonight is risky. If he flips town then I'd be very strongly implicated.

    Xaade is obviously the other major issue, but the other two scum factions are likely to try to finish him off. This being a Weng game with lots of power roles I think it's quite possible they'll fail. I think we need to allow for the likelihood that he'll be there again tomorrow reporting all movements.

    For that reason I suggest that I role cop Asdf. If he's scum then we can get him lynched along with Accalia otherwise it might even be desirable to declare him town - just for the sake of the confusion that will cause.

    At the moment the two of us are probably the only ones who know there are three Mafia's - it would be a pity for anyone else to find out.

  • @japonicus I'm thinking that Xaade's plan would be to go out with a bang. so anyone who goes to attack him will probably be PGO'd.

    As far as investigating Asdf, I'm fine with that plan, though if you want to know if he's scum, wouldn't we want to alignment cop him? Role cop would say his power, but not which side he's on.

    I'm just a bit worried about Accalia. All we found out was she's an arsonist, and her claim is that she "tried a few doors" overnight. I just have to hope she can't plant multiple devices (directed or at random) so she'll hit a bunch of targets when she ignites. We may want to do everyone and ourselves a favor and either aim to get her lynched first or target her tomorrow night.

  • @ChaosTheEternal if xaade's to be fully trusted then he said she visited all-users:

    Xaade wrote:


    Are you sure you didn't stop by to check on someone? You seem to be the only one to insist that you didn't check on anyone. I may have misunderstood your ability, due to a certain person being named @all_users (sorry for the misread). But yes, you were followed last night, and you did check on that particular person.

    If you gained nothing from it, that's fine.

    Do you think @weng would be amenable to a search of all_users' quarters for the bomb she planted. That would give serious credence to my accusation.

    Re. role/allignment undefined yes, you're right. I mixed the two up. I wonder if I can pass that off re. an Accalia accusation - people might believe that I was told she was a self-aligned arsonist - even if I then report on asdf's alignment.

  • @japonicus I missed that from Xaade's post. OK, not worried now.

    If we want to try to ask to investigate all_users quarters, it may want to be after the accusation is out there/a bandwagon is going on Accalia.

  • @weng my night action is to investigate Asdf's alignment

    @weng is it likely, hypothetically undefined that, if requested, a search of all_users' quarters or person would reveal the presence of bombs or incendiaries planted by Accalia - presupposing that said device was present?

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @japonicus Registered.

    It is very unlikely.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    japonicus never returns from his mission.

  • Want to say that sucks, but it works towards my win-con, so I'm not too upset. Sorry @japonicus.

    Now I have to figure out how to play the Accalia is an arsonist info that I couldn't have. May have to claim a neighborhood, but I'm doubting people will bite given the number of scum teams.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Need your night action.

  • @Weng I'm going to hunker down for the night.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Nothing happens.

  • Gotta do what I believe to be the best chance to not set myself up to get lynched.

    @Weng I am going to attempt to kill Xaade tonight.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    You infuse xaade with bulletz.

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