Is this a successful failure? or a failed success?

  • I am working with a Calendar sync REST API that uses OAuth and downloaded a library from nuget to deal with it. As soon as I tried it out, an exception was thrown during the upsert of my calendar events. The exception was vague: "Response indicates failure." Well, that could mean anything from me sending invalid info to the server just having a temporary temper tantrum.

    I turned on Fiddler and saw that the request was coming through fine. "200 OK" was the status, and the response body indicated everything is okie dokie. Plus, I went into my calendar and found that the event had, in fact, been added. The plot thickens! What's going on? I found the source in github and came across this peculiar code:

     // TODO: Add info to the exception for more 
     // info for user in case this was a validation error
     if (response.Code != 202) {
         throw new Exception("Response indicates failure");


    Well, I guess I'll have to fork the damn source and fix this fucked up nonsense.

  • Impossible Mission - B

    So the only status it expects is Accepted? I wonder what that says about the conditions under which this code was originally written...

  • @masonwheeler I'm sure originally the API used a 202 for this request, since I guess it was technically correct if they were queuing it for some kind of asynchronous operation. However, since this was an upsert, I could see 201 "Created" or of course 200 being just as valid depending on the circumstances, and having your client not even account for that possibility is ludicrous.

  • Ugh. If you're gonna do this shit, at least return a proper error.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @cartman82 Or write the info to the log.

  • @cartman82 said in Is this a successful failure? or a failed success?:

    Ugh. If you're gonna do this shit, at least return a proper error.

    ...or pass on the error code you received, so we can at least guess at the proper error.

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