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    Also, half the games I like are broken on 10 mobile at the moment, but reversi is fun!

    Anyway now I know my phone has no Discord app. WHY THE HATRED!?

  • In case someone doesn't get my point:


  • Impossible Mission - B

    Aside from a somewhat similar facial expression, those two character portraits don't actually look anything alike IMO. I mean, I must have played Chrono Trigger a gazillion times over the last 20 years, and I never even considered that that guy looked like Magus until you posted the comparison photo.

    And now, having considered it... he still doesn't look like Magus.

  • @masonwheeler

    0_1465932986174_upload-6b12f95a-4462-4f4f-b7bf-78271e17be4d I'm totally not masonwheeler. I'm a different person!

  • Impossible Mission - B

    @Magus Side by side comparison:

    img 0_1465932132891_upload-3caa8b37-0cfa-4d44-9cf0-868290a951a8

    Demon guy: Pale skin. Klingon-style cranial ridges. Demon horns. Human ears. Grayish hair. Eye color is indeterminate. Black shirt. Rounded nose.

    Magus: Pale skin. Smooth forehead. No horns. Elf ears. Blue hair. Red eyes. Red shirt. Pointed nose.

    I know nothing at all about Realms of Discord, so I can't go into any sort of comparison of the characters themselves, but going solely on the appearance in the character portraits... they really look nothing alike, aside from having pale skin and vaguely similar expressions.

  • @masonwheeler The hair is pretty similar, I don't think magus' portrait had it this bright on snes. Same style, widow's peak and all. Red cloak around their shoulders, same expression and such.

    This honestly looks like someone put horns on bad Magus fan art.

    This is downright Sonichu level.

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