Samsung headset jack defect

  • So, I'm a victim of this issue.

    From what I've observed, the phone erroneously thinks a headset has been plugged in, and the audio switches to the headset.

    How did I come to that conclusion?

    1. Plugging in and removing a headset fixes the issue.
    2. Any app that disables the headset temporarily fixes the issue (until the faulty trigger happens again).
    3. Tapping the phone on a hard surface fixes the issue.
    4. Cleaning out the audio jack with a q-tip can alleviate the issue, but I'm thinking this is just confirmation bias.

    The issue is sporadic and can occur once, for hours in a row, persist through resets, or just not occur at all for a week.

    Given that physical movement can temporarily fix the problem, I'm betting there's a defect in the phone, a short or something similar.

    AT&T doesn't like that the issue is sporadic, and wants to blame 3rd party apps, even though I can reproduce in safe mode. Samsung seems interested in at least setting up a ticket for a repair since I'm under warranty.

    No amount of apps that handle these headset triggers seem to completely resolve the problem.

    Hopefully bringing it to repair can highlight the issue, but I'm not sure how long I'll be without a phone.

    This sucks.

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    @xaade said in Samsung headset jack defect:

    a short or something similar.

    Possibly, but if it's a hardware issue, how does opening an app fix it? I'd be more willing to bet it's a service acting up somewhere...

  • @sloosecannon

    Not opening an app, any app that causes the audio to route to the speakers.
    There are several out there that attempt to solve this problem.

    1. Imagine, a short in the headset jack causes the phone to route to headset jack.
    2. Then I open an app that has a setting that forces audio to the speakers.
    3. Well, that app can only do that one time. Unless it's going to constantly run in the background and constantly reset the audio to route to the speakers.
    4. The short occurs again and the audio reroutes to headset again.

    Tapping the phone on a hard surface seems to fix it, which, to me, excludes the possibility of a service. What service would respond to a physical bump by rerouting to the speakers?

    Also, my wife has the same exact phone, and doesn't seem to be able to produce this failure.

    Finding a thread with several people complaining about it still fits within a 5% defect rate. If it was a software problem, I'd expect everyone to be talking about it, and recalls, etc. The S7 is the newest of a very popular line of phone.

    Fortunately I have my nexus 7 tablet still for audio needs. Ambio, Audible, and even Alarms.

    But, there's the risk that I'm missing phone calls, and that's unacceptable.

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    I had this issue with a entertainment center receiver. Essentially, the circuitry that detects if a set of headphones was plugged in is very sensitive, so dust that collected inside it would trigger the switch over. Solution? Blow on the hole.

    Frickin ridiculous, but....


    @xaade said in Samsung headset jack defect:

    What service would respond to a physical bump by rerouting to the speakers?

    Not necessarily route to speakers, but there are music players that support the "shake for next song" thing. That could conceivably cause something in the system to rejigger the audio routing.

    I don't believe that's the case here, mind. But my undefinedry demands this to be posted none the less!

  • So, I bring it by Samsung's warranty walk in store.
    I plead with them to look at hardware defects, since I've been through the factory reset routine.
    They keep it all day.
    I return, and they've reset the phone.


    On the way home, the problem occurs.


    The next day I bring it by the ATT warranty walk in store. They give me a new phone. Haven't had the problem occur since.


    Somewhere, in the near future, somebody is going to get a "refurbished" phone... with that defect. Have fun my friend.... have fun.... (avoid a gold Samsung S7 regular non-edge)

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