Okay, TDWTF users,

  • I received some email via my site's contact form. 

    I'm curious about the identity of the mathematician who gave me lip about how I write out large numbers in words (not changing. pfbbt) then proceeded to butter me up real playa style.

    I made sure people couldn't just prankishly click "submit", but shamefully omitted the possibility of leaving out your email address and|or (nick|user)name. :3 I guess that's what monkey testing is for.

    Who be you? (if you don't mind a public coming-out. It's all I have.)

  • For the one thousand three hundred and thirty seventh time, it's not me.

  • I communicate because I care.

  • It wasn't me but I wish it was.

    dhromed: Hey, who thinks I'm famous?

    me: you're famous? Oh, that's me ... I'm I'm the founder and president of your fan club. 

    dhromed: errr, thanks

    me: now to convince everyone else that you're famous internet-viral style, and then I can claim I-knew-you-when

  • I dun' wanna be famous.

    [Paperazzi ..], see.

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