Anyone tried Hackerrank?

  • I was curious about that site ever since I saw it mentioned in an article where some people learned different languages (I've been meaning to sit down and learn Python but no motivation). Has anyone tried it, if so, what has been your experience?

    I have, and here's my summary:

    It needs a lot of work. Seriously. I've been doing some of the Python lessons, and they seem really disjointed. Sometimes they jump from "print hello world" to "solve the travelling salesman" with a difficulty of easy attached to it. The site itself is pretty buggy, where submitting a code solution takes a long time to process, and will display that your answers are wrong. However, a couple of seconds later it will finish processing and say your answer was right.
    Many of the questions are poorly worded. One such example is one where it says the input constraint is strings are lower case, but the sample input shows upper case.
    There is some gamification, which is cool. I like having points to show off my leet skills in a language, but there really is nothing you can do with said points, expect spend them to look at the output of a wrong answer, and then it's really not that helpful, it's the output of your program, not the expected output. You need to spend more points to get the input as well.

    There is a jobs section where you can see companies advertise for positions that are available. So I guess the only real benefit there is that you can link your profile and show off your mad coding skills.

    Maybe I'm looking at the wrong parts here and someone else has had a better experience.

  • I scratch that itch with project euler. Only needs one number to verify the answer.

  • @theBread This was from the whiny job interview "I HAVE MILLION GITHUB STARZ, WHERE'S THE RED CARPET!?" guy, right?

    I also looked into this site at the time. It's meh. Too many mathy kind of problems. I'm totally over doing that sort of stuff to practice programming. Better start a hobby project, or submit a pull request or anything else TBH.

  • On this topic, are there any interesting programming-assisted riddle sites like was/is? (As opposed to math problem solving)

  • @theBread The stuff you can measure from a CLI program's output is almost entirely orthogonal to the stuff that describes a quality software engineer.

  • @cartman82 Yup it was that one, and he was bragging about his rank and score? Guess what, if you just complete the course (and often the question has the answer posted in the discussion section) you get rank 1! Yay!

  • kills Dumbledore

    There's a job site I used more for fun than actually looking for positions,

    Companies put up a job spec with a set of questions/challenges. Usually a few questions followed by a longer "do this task in this language" type thing. Some are quite fun

  • I went through the Java ones, to see how it went for a language I already knew....oh eyes.... There is so much awful coding practices being encouraged, pointless classes that call a single variable, regex to parse html (though someone had the sense to share this to explain why not to parse html)...and almost every discussion is almost a repeat of this: fine article

  • SockDev

    @cartman82 said in Anyone tried Hackerrank?:

    Better start a hobby project,

    yeah.... seems like i accidentally did that with sockbot......

  • I've been asked to do some of their tests when applying for jobs. Most of it is contrived problems, which I have a real problem with. I normally approach everything as "I have this problem and I need to code this to solve it"

  • I found this site quite entertaining. And it supports like 20 different languages.

  • @Gąska I did a few things there. I tried explaining to people at work that the top voted solutions were really bad ways to write code, but they didn't seem to get why...

  • I've spent quite a bit of time on It supports a bunch of different languages and seems to have a pretty good stock of coding challenges to work through.

  • @Magus yeah, I'd be ashamed of some of the code I wrote there too... But it's faster that way.

  • @Gąska said in Anyone tried Hackerrank?:

    But it's faster that way.

    Yeah, you sometimes have to make compromises, what with deadlines and..., that's not a thing.

  • @Magus If I don't complete these exercises fast enough, I get frustrated and lose interest. Also, when I complete it, refactoring the whole thing is kinda pointless - I gain nothing with it.

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