How the hell do I stream video?

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    So I have a concept for a very fancy very intuitive pipeline visualization tool that is basically an app ot wobsyte or something that receives a realtime computer generated video stream of a visualization.

    Problem is, I have not even the slightest clue how to generate a video stream from scratch (presumably I'll be rendering every frame), transmit it, and then display it. I'd like to fill a 1080p projector with this thing.

    Sure, I could probably whack something up in monogame and use an off the shelf streaming tool, but I want this to run headless.

    Microsoft stack, C#.

  • @Weng Does it have to be streaming video? Could you just implement the renderer in WebGL and stream in the data with, for example, WebSockets?

    It's a tough problem to solve. You might be disappointed when the best answer is, "pay $1200/month to"

    EDIT: wait a minute...

    @Weng said in How the hell do I stream video?:

    I'd like to fill a 1080p projector with this thing.

    Why can't the computer powering the project be the same computer as the computer producing the rendering?

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    @blakeyrat I suppose it doesn't NEED to be video, but I have some vague ideas around archiving and playback that are tough to reconstruct from the data because we aren't saving the intermediate states. Basically the rendering system queries the app sixty times a second, draws a frame, stores it and optionally sends it to however many clients.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Then again, I guess we could have it query the app 60 times a second, serialize the data, save it and chuck it out over web sockets and do the drawing remotely.

  • @Weng How many clients?

    Does anything prevent the clients from rendering the same visual with the same data? Like... wimpy Roku boxes or something? (60 times a second isn't that fast.)

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    @blakeyrat Maybe 10. Clients would be whatever suckers have their personal issued laptops connected to the various war room projectors, so we can vaguely assume they're probably 6 year old Dell Latitudes with Chrome 900326.

    So no real blockers to that technique.

  • You can use some variety of remote desktop software if you can't generate the visualization on the machine the projector is connected to.

  • @ben_lubar VNC open to the Internet.
    Then we can try and find it on World of VNC.

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