Timezones are hard

  • Had the following conversation with someone. I'm on eastern time, other guy's in central time:

    Guy: "I can call you at 3pm"
    Me: "That's central time, right?"
    Guy: "Yes."
    Me: "Ah, sorry, I have a meeting at 4pm eastern so it won't work."
    Guy: "No, no, 2pm eastern."
    Me: "3pm central is 4pm eastern."
    Guy: "No, you're an hour behind us."
    Me: "No, I'm an hour ahead."
    Guy: "I'm pretty sure you have it backwards."
    Me: "Okay, what time is it now?"
    Guy: "9am."
    Me: "It's 10am here. I'm an hour ahead."
    Guy: "But your meeting with me is still at 2pm eastern."
    Me: "That means you're meeting me at 1pm central."
    Guy: "No. 3pm central."

    I was tempted to just let him start at 3pm central and stand him off, but instead I had him enter "3pm central to eastern" into Google, and that finally convinced him I knew what I was talking about.

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