• The way your application boots up is completely different. I'd encourage you to take a look at the Some of the changes are very subtle but important. We baked a bunch of assumptions into DNX specific for web applications and now we're building on top of a tool chain that doesn't assume a web application is the only target and we have to account for that.

    They are still changing shit instead of fixing bugs on a Release Candidate.

    So the new naming is great, but man, it is really late in the game to make such a major change that is affecting all the libraries in the framework. The name isn't just on the outside for product branding, but it's also affecting NuGet package names and the internal namespacing for libraries which affects just about all aspects of the framework. For existing applications this means you have to remove then add new packages and update each and every namespace to the framework libraries at a minimum. On top of that are numerous substantial core API changes. Updating any existing code pre-RC2 code will take a bit of effort to say the least.


    These types of major all encompassing changes are something that usually happens in the alpha or maybe the beta stage of a sane product development cycle. Alpha, Beta and RC have level of quality expectations and Microsoft simply did not apply the labels properly in the release cycle. To do a major refactoring 2 months before an announced ship date this seems kinda crazy and certainly doesn't warrant an RC2 moniker.


    But then Microsoft has really bungled the entire release messaging that surrounds ASP.NET Core by setting expectations way too high for each of the stable Alpha, Beta and RC releases they have put out so far. By normal standards, none of these pre-release versions where anything close to what the name would have suggested. Given the current major change we are now seeing with this major rename, any other sane product would call the state of the product an Alpha (ie. break your world completely)!

    Sums up exactly how I feel about this. I wanted to build some products based on the new dotnet stack. I be staying on 4.6 / Mono for now due to this mess. I really wanted to use the new tooling.

  • @lucas1 They're open source-y now. Expect it to get even worse in the future.

  • @blakeyrat said in ASP.NET Core RC2:

    @lucas1 They're open source-y now. Expect it to get even worse in the future.

    [sigh] Microsoft ...
    You were the last bastion holding out against the god damn hipsters. I am going to get @Boomzilla levels of bitter over this =_=

  • It is a real shame that they are managing to balls this up. Because I genuinely like the whole OWIN stuff and this would have been nice to have an official ASP.NET build that works cross platform.

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