Broken link to post from old comments for <article> thread...

  • So, somehow the link in this post of mine is just horribly broken... the post that I was trying to link to appears to be just gone (it's not even one of the 37 posts in the comments):

    @anotherusername said in Popular Gmail-address:

    Oh, I've got one better than that even. Escaping? What's escaping?

    I ended up GreaseMonkeying a script to override that one, so it at least replaces + with %2B. But it still can't just submit the form, because their server-side is looking for the hacked-up input. So my script is stuck hacking up the input just the same. At least it's escaped correctly, now.

    It also still dumps you back on page 1 of both lists, which is really fucking annoying if you were on page 13 or something. I tried adding page number parameters to the request, but the server side doesn't do anything with them. I think I'll try to update it... I ought to be able to get it to load the "move stuff" requests in a hidden iframe, split the request into multiple requests if the URL string gets too long (because GET-encoding is obviously the way to do that... but I can't change their stupid design there), and then at the very end of all that just have it load the correct page.

  • Oh, that's even better: clicking that link from inside NodeBB makes it try to AJAXy load it and results in:


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