• @Arantor said

    Yup. It's a thing.
    is not an April Fool thing.

    Why not just use C# / Java / Mono?
    They are all better languages.
    If there was the PHP concept (mixed files) that used C# instead, I would be using that.
    The only reason I use PHP, is that I haven't discovered such a thing in a different language.
    Mixed files is actually pretty cool.

    @Arantor said

    xaade, how many cheap servers do you know that can run C# apps with little more than "upload the files, go here"?

    So, you're running a desktop application off of a server that answers with php?
    Why can't you just have a client app and transfer the limited data you need, rather than transferring PHP that's building the UI?

    @Arantor said

    In the case of PHP-GTK, the whole thing is desktop, no server in sight! It's really the same argument as using JS on both client and server... Or Node-WebKit.

    Ok, but how does that prevent a hypothetical php-like delivery using mixed files based on C# instead.
    C# can be interpreted just like PHP.
    It wouldn't take all that much to spin a concept like this up, actually.
    Just compile the C#, run it, and replace the content

    @Arantor said

    If I'm doing desktop stuff, I'll use C# like a sane person (except for the lulz), but if I'm doing server stuff, I tend to do PHP, because I'm crazy familiar with it, and I don't have the recompile step so it's good in some ways, and I can run websites for cheap if I want.

    Yes, I understand this. I understand what you're saying. What I'm saying is that, the language that is interpreted doesn't have to be PHP. PHP is a garbled mess.

  • I got the impression that the PHP is running on the client side.

  • SockDev

    @xaade I think you are confused. I was talking about two different things and I think you think it is one thing because you think it's all conflated for some reason.

    On desktop, I use PHP with GTK for the lulz. And it runs entirely on the client. I have been experimenting where I could use it to prototype game ideas far faster than I could in C# because I have 13 years experience in PHP and can write it in my sleep. PHP-GTK is also just "close and restart" rather than recompile. Interpreter runs on the client because it just calls out to linked copy of GTK.

    On servers I use it to serve HTML, no GTK involved. You show me hosting for an application where I can just drop the files, hit refresh, and the app loads. Show me where I can do this with C# for a few bucks a month on a hobby project where I don't have to manage the server infrastructure.

    That's me and my uses. I can't answer for anyone else.

    I suspect PHP-GTK started for the same reason NodeJS started: want to use a familiar language in an unfamiliar setting even though it will have many weird contortions to jump through.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @Arantor said in PHP-GTK:

    I suspect PHP-GTK started for the same reason NodeJS started

    So it's the usual…

  • It would be nice if NodeBB would show us when things were Jeffed from another topic and/or were Replied As Topic.

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    @powerlord said in PHP-GTK:

    It would be nice if NodeBB would show us when things were Jeffed from another topic

    This wasn't; it was a long digression in one of those stupid Chat things, and those can't be jeffed.

  • @Yamikuronue they can, just not easily.

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    @ben_lubar I assumed you just re-imported them with a different flag or some such.

  • @Yamikuronue I used some MongoDB magic.

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