Required reading for everyone!

  • This is required reading for you all: "
    If some Software Developers built houses?"

  • Good Read.

    Interestingly, My job is in the home construction industry, so this might get circulated to the developers around here. 🙂

  • Nice reading, indeed. But it forgets to mention something: nobody knows
    how to make computer operation intuitive. We are house builders who
    don't know what's "normal" for a house, and the various sets of "user
    interface guidelines" can't change the fact that humans invented
    something almost too complicated to cope with.

    Now that's an interesting topic: how to build a "normal", human-friendly, computer. Ideas, anyone?

  • It should be designed like a blender [8-|]

  • Outstanding!  I needed the laugh.

  • A Human friendly computer:

    No keyboard. 

    No mouse. 

    No monitor.

    No case.

    No parts. 

    You now have a human friendly computer. 

  • I love the way the piece is about software developers, and then comes this bit:

    Things are odd shapes and despite 5000 years of achitectural evolution our designer throws it all out and assumes he knows best and that a lounge room can be long and thin etc.

    AHA. It's all the fault of the designer. The developer has just made what the designer has designed. Now this I can agree with. Especially 'Web designers' have a knack of making sites absolutely unusable. But then the are 'balanced', and 'according to the clients styleguide'.

    I know that the interfaces to my hobby projects are usually somewhat like the house. Because it's not a commercial product, and I'm not going to sell it to anyone, I believe that is my choice. If I want to make all my buttons doubleclick (which I have never actually seen anywhere), that's up to me. I'm going to be the one using it.


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