• I did the "which TV/Movie character are you" quiz at
    to kill a little time.

    I'm 87.4% Anthony DiNozzo from NCIS, but I've never seen it so the next one is 81.3% Egon Spengler, which I can live with.

  • @Boner Remus Lupin from Harry Potter, was the only character I recognized from the list this site gave me.


    Sirius Black (82.2 % (thanks emoji replacement! jeez.)), apparently. Still didn't do prison time though, I have no idea what the authorities are waiting for there, really.

  • I don't know who any of these people are! I've never seen any of these! Got 82% on a bunch of them though...

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    Sorting by series helps a lot.

    81.2% like Remus Lupin
    80.2% Chewbacca
    80.2% Wesley from Angel
    80% Bruce Banner
    80% Molly Weasley
    78% George Michael, from Arrested Development
    77.2% fucking Mad-eye Moody
    76.7% Sirius Black
    76.6% Snape
    only 75.2% like Hermione who is obviously based on me, we even have identical hair.
    73.6% Giles from Buffy
    72.6% Willow from Buffy who is again, obviously my spirit animal

    This test is clearly bullshit

  • I don't know many of these so I am only going to list the ones I have some idea who they are.

    78.3 Seth - Superbad (Really?)
    78.1 Harold Lee - Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (Um)
    77.9 Remus Lupin - Harry Potter (It says he is always calm--that must be the other 20%)
    77.7 Jenna Hamilton - Awkward (Luckily I was never tortured that much in high school--though maybe a bit in junior high)
    77.1 Tallahassee - Zombieland (I would have trouble being that uncompassionate)
    77.0 Egon Spengler - Ghostbusters (I buy it)
    76.1 Olive Penderghast - Easy A (um...not quite sure what to think)
    76.1 April Ludgate - Parks and Recreation (I see some cross over there)
    76.0 Neo - The Matrix (I am far from the One)
    75.9 Hank Lawson - Royal Pains (yeah, I could see it)
    75.9 Danny Zuko - Grease (there is some similarities)
    75.7 Rubeus Hagrid - Harry Potter (I have far less facial hair)
    75.6 Phoebe Halliwell - Charmed (well I did convince some guy I dated I was a witch)
    75.6 Andie Walsh - Pretty in Pink (not nearly as bold and I never would have dated a preppy guy)
    75.5 Gracie Hart - Miss Congeniality (I see it - and I have been told I look like her)
    75.3 Norm Perterson - Cheers (not that beaten down)
    75.3 Alana Bloom - Hannibal (I'll take it)
    75.2 Gale Hawthorne - The Hunger Games (I'll take it)
    75.2 Elliot Stabler - Law & Order: SVU (I'm running out of commentary)
    75.9 Elliot Reid - Scrubs (LOL - yeah probably)
    74.9 Nemo - Finding Nemo (Just keep swimming-I know Dory says it)
    74.9 A.C. Slater - Saved by Bell (At least I didn't get Screech)
    74.9 John Nash - A Beautiful Mind (Not gonna say no)
    74.5 Thomas J. Sennet - My Girl (Aaww)
    74.4 Rob Hawkins - Cloverfield (I probably wouldn't make it)
    74.3 Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds (I sure wish Derek Morgan would talk to me like that)
    74.1 Clayton Bigsby - Chapelle's Show (that's just funny)
    74.1 Michael Vaughn - Alias (since I'll never be Sidney-not too bad)
    74.1 Fred Armisen - Portlandia (not really a fan)
    74.0 Shrek - Shrek (maybe a little-LOL)
    73.9 Jacob Black - Twilight (does that mean I am Team Jacob?)
    73.9 Loretta Castorini - Moonstruck (I did have big hair in the 80s)
    73.6 Julia Braverman-Graham - Parenthood (yeah)
    73.5 Happy Gilmore - Happy Gilmore (just lol)
    73.3 Stitch - Lilo & Stitch (lol)

    Ok...I've wasted more time than I probably should have (but this is fun). I'm leaving up to keep looking.

    Clearly, I have multiple personality disorder and each personality has it's own neurosis.

  • Top 2:

    82.3 Peter Biship, Fringe
    81.4 Shawn Spencer, Psych
    81.3 Celine, Before Sunrise (?)
    80.5 Julia Braverman-Graham, Parenthood
    80.3 Alana Bloom, Hannibal
    80.3 Norman Dale (Gene Hackman's character), Hoosiers
    80.2 Benedick, Much Ado About Nothing
    80.0 Norm Peterson, Cheers. (Booom!)

    I can live with that.

  • @Yamikuronue said in Charactour:

    Sorting by series helps a lot.

    Not really: of the shows I’ve watched, I turn out to be most like nobody at all, or Andrea Zuckerman, Peggy Olson … oh, or Mike Ehrmantraut — I could live with that, I suppose.

  • @Yamikuronue said in Charactour:

    80.2% Chewbacca

    You should shave more often

  • Apparently I'm a lot of characters I've never heard of. One of them was played by Jackie Chan, though. On the "least like" scale, it thinks I'm more like Gollum than Gordon Gecko.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    I was about 83% like Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady. Plus a bunch of characters I've never heard of, but whatever.

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