If he weighs as much as a duck...

    • Crowd: A misogynist! A misogynist! A misogynist! We found a misogynist! We've got a misogynist! A misogynist! A misogynist! We have found a misogynist. May we burn him?
    • How do you know he is a misogynist
    • he's male and disagrees with us.
    • Bring him forward.
    • I'm not a misogynist! I'm not a misogynist !
    • But you are dressed as one.
    • They dressed me like this. - No, we didn't.
    • And this isn't my threat. It's a false one.
    • Well? - We did fake the threat.
    • The threat? - And the letter to his boss. But he is a misogynist !
    • Did you dress him up like this? - No, no!
    • Yes. A bit.
    • he is also white.
    • What makes you think he's a misogynist?
    • he said I was wrong! That isn't free speech.
    • Wrong? It's hate speech?
    • I got better.
    • Burn him anyway!
    • Quiet! Quiet!
    • There are ways of telling whether he is a misogynist.
    • Are there? What are they? Tell us. - Do they hurt?
    • Tell me, what do you do with misogynists?
    • Get them fired!
    • Fire? Burn them you mean? And what do you burn, apart from misogynists?
    • More misogynists! - Straw!
    • So why do misogynists burn?
    • 'Cause they're made of straw? - Good!
    • How do we tell if he is made of straw? - Build a strawman out of him.
    • But can you not also make him answer a false dilemma?
    • Oh, yeah.
    • Does straw sink in water?
    • No, it floats. - Throw him into the pond!
    • What also floats in water?
    • Bread. - Apples.
    • Very small rocks. - Cider! Great gravy.
    • Cherries. Mud. - Churches.
    • Lead. - A duck!
    • Exactly.
    • So, logically--
    • If he weighs the same as a duck...
    • he's made of straw.
    • And therefore?
    • A misogynist!
    • A duck! A duck! - Here's a duck.
    • We shall use my largest scales.
    • Burn the misogynist !
    • Remove the supports!
    • A misogynist!
    • It's a fair cop.
    • Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of social science?
    • I am a feminist, queen of the internet.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @xaade said in If he weighs as much as a duck...:

    he's male and disagrees with us.

    You could have stopped here, but it wouldn't have been as funny.

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