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  • I had a wipefest against the big boss halfway act 5. Guess I don't have enough defences.

  • @pleegwat Act 5 is a nice glimpse into how difficult the game is now. Fun, though :D

    I decided to try out an idea I had, and start making a poison Blade Vortex Berserker (The damage, leech, and speed make berserker a good idea, especially with all the life available to him). Only just reached Act 4, and it's so far really weak, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes; Blade Vortex is a rather fun skill to use.

  • @magus BV is a great skill, but the way it scales with poison is horrible. Poison is not worth it with BV. You can make a pure chaos build (obliteration wands and abyssal cry) work very well. You can also go ele conversion. But poison will just not do enough damage to be useful.

  • @dragoon That doesn't make sense; the way it works now is 20% more damage with poison per blade, and it hits quickly enough to stack nicely. Nothing will ever beat Abyssal Cry, but I can't think of another skill, except maybe Cyclone, that can stack poisons as consistently. I don't think it would have been good before 3.0, but I feel like it should be rather effective now. Though I could possibly try to do ignite+poison.

  • @magus

    BV + poison was god tier in 2.6. Only barrage could stack poison better. Even with the 20% scaling, the damage felt horrible compared to just straight scaling BV damage. Though I was only in mid tier maps in the Beta.

  • @dragoon I intend to scale my skill damage, and take mostly paired nodes from the shadow, with a few extra poison ones. I think it'll work well, but we'll see. If anything can make it work, a Berserker can.

  • @magus
    Oh, BV will do just fine. I just found that in maps, removing poison and adding a different support improved my speed.

  • They should rename this "Path of Allocating Space". It's been doing that on my PC for ages. And this is a i5 quad-core, so I know that it is a decent PC.

  • @slackerd Try the Steam version, it doesn't seem to do that as badly.

  • @magus said in Path of Exile:

    @slackerd Try the Steam version, it doesn't seem to do that as badly.

    Too late, it's almost finished.

    Edit: Thanks for the advice, though.

  • @magus said in Path of Exile:

    @pleegwat Act 5 is a nice glimpse into how difficult the game is now. Fun, though :D

    Continuing where you left off after respawning feels cheaty. And I'd die whenever I stopped moving.

    There may have been a factor of it being hard to tell what you need to dodge versus what you can soak.

  • @pleegwat said in Path of Exile:

    There may have been a factor of it being hard to tell what you need to dodge versus what you can soak.

    I'd say in general, dodge. It's the only thing that absolutely works.

  • @pleegwat .. and, logging in for the first time tonight, they pushed 3.0.0c and it's rubberbanding like crazy. Feels like a world server problem.

  • @pleegwat Three more hours before I get off work, but it wasn't having trouble last night after the patch.

    It's possible that everyone agreeing its good on the co-optional podcast may have boosted the player count this week, though.

  • An hour later it was OK again, and now I completed act 5. Final boss seemed easier than the halfway one, but I did get a couple upgrades along the way. Currently at 957 life, 639.9 DPS at a slower swing speed of 1.54, which should work better with bleed than the previous 1.97, and 2317 armour. I think I was capped on elemental resist when I enganged, but it's hard to check now for obvious reasons.

  • So, failures: Partial Cold Ball Lightning, Blade Vortex
    Successes: Essence Drain
    In Progress: Bleeeeeeeeeeeed

    Which is pretty much what I expected. Draino is up to 23.5k DPS, 4.4k life and all content so far has been easy.

  • There's something seriously wrong here.

    I just completed my cruel ascendancy on the first try.

  • @pleegwat You're a Juggernaut, if anyone should be able to, its you. Merciless will be harder, but pretty much everyone in the guild has a build that can get you through if you have trouble. Well done!

  • @magus And I've got act 7 completed. I worried for a moment when I saw the room, but everything was telegraphed so incredibly obviously that it didn't stand a chance.

    That and the fact I've almost hit the 2k HP mark helps.

  • @pleegwat Definitely keep stacking up that life. You'll be in trouble otherwise. Act 10 has a LOT of damage.

  • So, Draino is still my best character, my Oro Flicker Chieftain (who has 70% chance to ignite!) has successfully solo ascended in merciless and killed Level 9 Haku, and while he is a bit too squishy and a cold flicker raider would be better, he was still a lot of fun, and has a 14kdps Infernal Blow.

    Meanwhile AndrewTheBloodFiend is still somewhere nearish the end, but I'll get back to him eventually. Sunderbleed is just always a good build, but since I mained it the last two leagues, I'm bored with it on the league where it's the meta. Rather sad, really.

  • I just killed my last minor god. Took another look at my passive tree and trying to decide what I still want to get and what I'll definitively drop. Still unsure on whether I need another +1 endurance charge (would be my 4th). It's rather out of the way, but there's +20% increased maximum life in the same node and a shield/resistance cluster nearby which I have been intending to take from the start too.

  • Lost 2 Storm burst chars, it just can't kill bosses fast enough. Shouldn't of died either time, but after 10minutes (not an exaggeration SB blows for boss killing), of fighting a boss you make mistakes.

    Now doing my chaos/phys BV Witch. Breezing through content as it always does. Need currency to play some of my more fun builds, so cheese it is for now.

  • @dragoon Yeah, it seems like Storm Burst is best as a group skill, though doing quick pulses that also cast Arc could be relatively damaging. It's just not really good enough, though.

    I made a Blade Vortex build, but it turned out horribly. Around Act 8 is when it started falling apart, and it never got better again.

  • @magus The build I am doing I have taken to Tier 12 maps in the BETA, so I know it will do fine.

  • Act 9 completed. Only one more to go.

  • So, yesterday my friend and I ran our first set of sacrifice fragments this league. I died once, to endlessly-stunning ice storm, and then my friend used up the last portal in the group of enemies before the final fight.

    ...and I won. Draino has defeated Atziri! The first character I've done that with, with a build that used no guide, too!

    Next is the uber lab, where I am only one trial off!

    Long live DrainoDrinkerSupreme!

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