My "interview"

  • This was back when I was 20 years old, when I was looking for work during the day and driving a taxi at night.

    I got a tip from a friend that a company was looking for people, so I phoned them and agreed to come for an interview on friday next week.

    This was monday, so I thought I'd drive taxi for a couple of more days and then have a one week vacation before going to the interview.

    Come Thursday night, and it's my last day as a taxi driver. Me and my collegues go out on the town for a REALLY wet good-bye-party, which means I'm at home around 6 o clock in the morning.

    Around 10 the phone rings...

    -Hi, it's <soon to be new boss> from <new company> , we have a problem... We'd like you to start on Monday, if it's ok with you? Just come over today and we'll deal with the formalities, ok?

    -Mhmm, ok, I say, not really awake and registrering my general condition .

    I call a friend who's driving a cab at the moment and ask him to take me to the interview.

    40 minutes later, I'm sitting in the office feeling not so good.

    While my new boss is going through the routine of introducing the routines and working schedules, I'm feeling more and more sick, as in feel-like-barfing-sick.

    After a few moments I couldn't hold it any more, but had to bolt up and ask for the nearest rest room! Off I went and puked like there's no tomorrow!

     After 10 minutes or so, I gathered myself and went back to the office....

    - Not feeling well, are you, my new boss smiled.

    The vice president came to the room at the same time and said: "You stink like an alcohol factory, you know that?"

     Anyway, they took my explanation as it was and understood the circumstances, which I was glad for.

    I stayed in that company for over 5 years, it was a great place to work, although not very well paid.

    Still brings a smile when I think about that day...!


  • It could have been worse; a lot worse; you could have projectile-barfed on him!

  • Of course the VP wouldn't have a problem with it.  He probably spent the previous night doing blow off a hooker. 

  • That's a good story.  Classic.

  • @tster said:

    That's a good story.  Classic.

    However, it is not a WTF.

    Use the general forum for non-WTF stories. Not this one. 

  • @snoofle said:

    It could have been worse; a lot worse; you could have projectile-barfed on him!

    "Face it, Kent. You threw up [i]on[/i] Dean Wermer."

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