ODE to a WTF

  • Ode to a WTF

    Once upon a time
     I was pushing my good luck
    While proofing someone elses code
     I exclaimed "What the Fuck?"

    The module twas written very wrong
     It ignored all the rules
    It seemed to sing a little song
     About some quad-state bools

    So TRUE was false and FALSE was true
     And nulls, they did abound
    The worst of it was when I saw
     The new state: File Not Found

    This person thought that they were 1337
     That ain't the way it is
    What they need is to be beat
     By some computer whiz

    And now I go to fake my work
     Before my code they raid
    Because they let me, that is why
     I do it to get paid

    -- The Brillant PB

  • very nice indeed!

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