• Needs picture

  • Okay, so it's really more of an "Under Construction" than a WTF... I
    mean, maybe it would be better with a nice "Photo coming soon!"
    placeholder image, but at least there's some potentially useful
    descriptive text there.

  • I think there's some people desperate to post SOMETHING...ANYTHING on here. 15 minutes of fame, and all that.


    Copy paste errors are not WTFs, missing images are not WTFs. Typos are not WTFs.

  • I don't know, I think that deliberately missing photos IN A PHOTO GALLERY at least qualifies as a minor WTF. It's like a book with just "NEEDS WORDS" written inside it, or getting served up a meal at a restaurant that's just a plate with a note on it that says "NEEDS FOOD". The whole point of a photo gallery is photos - and they've deliberately not put any photos in it.


    I'd agree with you that it was complete attention seeking if it was just a broken or missing photo though.

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