I have no idea how this happened

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  • sockdevs

    @loopback0 It's because the transition on the highlight is stupidly long

  • @loopback0

    Hitting End puts the highlight on the last post. If you do it before the highlight fades from the "last read post", you'll see the highlight on both posts. When the delay on the highlight was longer, you could get it on a chain of posts as they streamed in.

  • It's 30 seconds, but that doesn't cover why the latest and 3rd latest post got the highlight.

  • sockdevs

    @loopback0 The bookmark was on the third-to-last post, then you hit End which moved it to the last post

  • @ChaosTheEternal @RaceProUK I don't remember pressing End, but from a quick test that does seem to cause it so I assume I did.

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