Mafia V - Corporate Mafia: Lovers 1 Thread

  • *** Looking up your hostname…
    *** Found your hostname, cached
    *** Checking ident
    *** Got ident response
    *** Welcome to Initech IRC!

    This is lover group #1 private communications channel. You’re free to post here during both night and day, unless the rules say otherwise.

    == End of /MOTD command.

  • Hey, @japonicus

    What do you think of this whole captain thing? I'm pretty sure he's a PGO, so if he doesn't get voted out of the building today don't visit him at night. I also don't know if he's loyal or not. If he is, he's not playing his role very well, because the Umbrella spies will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion.

    Now that I think about it, that might be why abarker and placeholder are pushing on him so hard- they picked up on it early and wants to get him out of the way, which would suggest Captain is loyal. Here, I'll pour us some 🍷

    Also, I miss the undefined 🎠 thread filter feature. It was super helpful in mafia games 😞

  • I don't know what to make of him. I think he probably is loyal. It hadn't occurred to me that he might be a PGO - I thought that was all just bluster. It would be really strange play to hint at that at this stage but then he does say some odd things - so you could well be right.

    Otherwise it all just seems like confusion tactics at the moment so I don't have much clue about who to suspect. The general bandwagon pushing against Captain does seem slightly odd and possibly a bit orchestrated so I wonder if he's being mafia targeted.

    That said, for want of any better ideas I'll probably jump on the Captain vote if it gets some momentum and distracts from votes on you - but I'll wait a bit so that we don't seem to act in concert.

  • Our first night locked in the office together! Maybe we should sneak off and find a supply closet undefined

  • Thank you for such a wonderful and romantic night.

    💐 😍⛓ 🎎 🖇 📐

  • Have your night-time investigations yielded any new info about the remaining players?

    I'm particularly curious about placeholder and tsaukpetra (who are the two I most suspect at the moment) - it's thrown me a bit that tsaukpetra has voted for placeholder. If both are scum that would be an oddly high risk strategy at this point.

  • @japonicus Nothing useful. If I/we survive, I'll check out placeholder tonight. Fishing for hobbies isn't likely to give insight to alignment, though.

    We're definitely being led by Umbrella one way or the other...

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