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    So i'm playing Don't Starve Together. In Edge, I've got Don't Starve Wikia open, browsing to remind myself how certain mechanics work. And I try to go back... but the back button is disabled? The fuck?

    I hit backspace, and it goes back a page. Now, the forward button works. I click it. Back button still disabled.


    Clicked a link


    Still the same tab, clearly another page. No back button. What the fuck happened here?!

  • Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election

    @Yamikuronue said:

    What the fuck happened here?!


  • @asdf said:

    @Yamikuronue said:

    What the fuck happened here?!


    Linux hardware.

  • Bonovox. He got jealous and is taking revenge on the Inarwebs until they name a web browser after him, too.

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