World's biggest startup ?

  • Maybe there's hope for @NeighborhoodButcher

  • area_can

    A.k.a. "we're going to say we're adopting startup culture, but instead bastardise it in the process"

  • The amount of bullshit in this supposed "change" is beyond belief.

  • @bb36e said:

    A.k.a. "we're going to say we're adopting startup culture, but instead bastardise it in the process"

    Ah, like they do in the enterprise world when some exec somewhere gets a bee in their bonnet to implement Agile for raisins?

  • @NeighborhoodButcher I read it as "instead of keeping track of code changes in Excel, we'll move it to Google Docs"

  • "Instead of paying our employees, we're going to offer stock options and something the Americans call 'Exposure' instead. We're also asking developers to bring their own computers and work at a nearby coffee shop, allowing us to reduce office space expenses by over 65%. Moving from our internal network to the free wifi at Starbucks will also let us cut three quarters of our IT staff. The savings just don't stop!"

  • sounds like wtfbank, all of the problems of a small company, with all the bullshit of a fortune 500 company

  • @DCRoss A hardcore clean room setup with vats of piranha solution in the corner of a starbucks.

  • I worked at a place that tried this. We got three pilot projects canceled after going by all the required channels (legal, marketing, UX, branding, internal IT, etc) which is exactly against a startup culture because in enterprise, you've got to feed a lot of people.

    I must say it didn't go that well and that company is still sinking. On the plus side, since everything is slow, I got two full months of pay for doing nothing and staying at home.

  • Where I work, some of our team got pulled off into a project that uses "strict agile processes" recently. You know, as opposed to the nonstrict actualagile we were already doing.

  • Grade A Premium Asshole

    Man, I just love corporate cargo cultism. We're now transitioning to "sprints" and using Trello, too, because nothing says agile like replacing a workflow with continuous integration and pushing updates whenever required with a strict release schedule, endless planning meetings, and additional tooling that provides no value.

    And, of course, because agile is good, which we know because some dude in a turtleneck said so on a talk, and if you repeat what he said you'll grow a turtleneck yourself and be cool like he was and people will invite you to give talks.

    God damn, I'm so happy I'm on vacation right now.

  • It seems like someone read "startups are cool", so we should now be one. I remember about 2y ago, when someone in Korea discovered Doxygen, the policy changed from "documenting code in the comments is a waste of time" to "document everything for Doxygen".

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