Topic gets marked Unread while it's being read

    1. Go to the Unread page
    2. Open a topic
    3. Read all the posts in the topic
    4. Watch a new post stream into the topic
    5. Go back to the Unread page

    Expected Behavior: The topic is no longer listed on the Unread page.

    Actual Behavior: The topic is on the Unread page. Opening the topic takes you to the bottom, past the post that got streamed in.

    This tells me that NodeBB knows I've read the post, but the topic got marked as Unread incorrectly.

  • I've found that the "takes you to [the post it's trying to highlight]" part generally just doesn't work very reliably.

    However, I think it may not actually mark a post as "read" until it's ... like halfway up the viewport, or something like that. So, it's possible that the post not being marked as "read" may have nothing to do with the fact that it streamed in while you were reading.

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