What did Chrome do this time?

  • mod

    On my home PC, I have an extension called The Great Suspender that suspends my inactive tabs to keep memory usage down. I have certain sites, like gmail or cookie clicker very important businessy things, whitelisted so they don't go into suspend.

    At work, I don't have that installed at all. But this week, I keep clicking into my gmail and it has to load the whole page again and I've missed like seven chat messages. How do I turn this off or whitelist sites?

  • @Yamikuronue

    Been seeing something similar recently when system memory is > 90% or so.

    Looks like it might be this feature kicking in.

    If that's it, then it doesn't look like there's a whitelist, but you can disable the whole thing under chrome://flags/. Setting name is Automatic tab discarding.

  • mod

    @AngleOSaxon Hrm. I don't mind tab discarding if it doesn't discard the tabs I need....

    unless there's some way to get notificaitons for chat messages in gmail instead?

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